Superman Game Rumors Heat Up Again

Which is better and which should carry forward, the John Williams or Hanz Zimmer Superman Theme? Henry Cavill weighs in.

For years now we have heard about Superman game rumors. Remember when everyone was convinced Rocksteady were making a Superman game, then it turned out to be Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League? Yet, here we are a again, this time it’s for the developers behind Gotham Knights. You can see an IGN report below on a new game being developed. Then as you can see we have James Sigfield, hinting that it could be Superman based. Sigfield has a long history in the game leaks department, so this is not just some random guy hoping it’s Superman.

So here is the crux of the rumor. The developer behind Gotham Knights was supposedly working on two DC games, and so far we have heard about only one. With the report about them hiring new talent for a new open world game, and various rumors, including Sigfield saying Superman, the conclusion amongst the fan base is thus. An open world Superman game is being developed by the folks that made Gotham Knights.

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Now, none of this is solid enough to sit a cup of coffee on for now. However, what is clear is the desire amongst the fan base for a Superman game. So surely one of these days the rumors will be real? The problems to overcome will always be two-fold in any Superman game though. How to keep Supes in a specific area naturally without silly invisible walls he cannot go past, and how to make enemies challenging. Superman is literally one of the most powerful characters in all of fiction, with pretty much only one weakness.

Do you create a million Kryptonite infused robots for Supes to be challenged by? Would supervillains end up being level bosses? Will this just feel like any cheap 3rd person fighting game as a result? The trick will always be to make the player feel like Superman without turning on god-mode. If you don’t feel like you are Superman, the game fails. If you are too powerful the game will feel like a button masher. No easy task.

I won’t say whether these Superman game rumors are legit, for now. However, eventually one of them will be and someone will try and scale this mountain. If they can pull this off in the way the Arkham games pulled off being Batman, it’ll be amazing. Let’s just wait and see how this one develops for now.

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