– by Seth McDonald

Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers for Supernatural.

It has been a long strange trip for Supernatural. What started out as personal vendetta for the monster-hunting siblings soon turned into saving the world many times over. The show, which follows adventures of the Winchester brothers, has been on the air for so long, when it originally started airing in 2005, it was on the WB network, which is now known as the CW (it also started out getting shot on 35 mm film, if you can believe that). For a show that was supposed to end after its fifth season, being on the cusp of their thirteenth is quite an achievement.

The Season 12 finale brought with it the deaths a couple of prominent characters, including longtime fan favorites Castiel, and Crowley. The Winchesters’ mother, Mary, while not killed, was also lost, and ended the episode by being trapped in the alternate world with the devil. The show’s big bad for Season 13 that appears in the trailer is a curious one, all I can find on him is he is not new to the show and is someone familiar to fans, and likely originates from the alternate world. This new plain of Supernatural, the alternate world, could potentially bring back many long dead characters, or at least different versions of them, which is something I find interesting.

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As far as the upcoming season goes, I am most excited for the Supernatural/Scooby-Doo crossover episode that was announced a while back. This seems like such a natural match, and I am surprised the concept took as long as it did to be produced. Supernatural usually shines in these types of one off episodes, with several under their belt already, including the brothers being transported to the world of television and made to act out the plots of various TV shows to the brothers finding a series of paperback books chronicling their lives with incredible detail.

I have always taken note of the ability of the Supernatural writers to dig deep and find lore and myths that are interesting and new. Sure, the show features the basic monster fare, but judging from the content of many of the episodes, the writers put in a lot of research. Supernatural is one of the few network shows I watch regularly and while I know it’s a long journey to catch up, I would recommend giving Supernatural a try it if you have the time.

Sam and Dean Winchester are set to return as the modern day Van Helsings on October 12.

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