– by Seth McDonald

Supernatural has been on the air for a long time now, so long that when the show started the CW network was still called The WB. The upcoming fourteenth season of the show breaks stride with previous seasons, with a reduced number of episodes. Supernatural has had 23 episodes in each season since Season 7, but Season 14’s episode order has been confirmed to only be 20.

Does this mean the show is starting the process of ending it’s run? Possibly, but being that the episode reduction is small, this likely isn’t the case. Fans have heard rumors that the show has plans to end at around 300 episodes, but nothing has officially been confirmed.

Throughout the show’s run, the Winchester brothers have found themselves chopping off Paris Hilton’s head, traveling through time, and have saved the world on several occasions. Some of the best episodes of the show are where they went full meta, with the boys being swept into the world of cheesy television shows, finding paperback books that detail their lives, and even an episode where they are thrust into a world where they are their real-life selves, and star on a TV show called Supernatural.

I really think the Winchesters should take their monster hunting talents overseas and go international, plenty of myths and lore over in the old world.

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Source: TV Line