Sylvie’s Mental State In THAT Moment From The Loki Finale [SPOILERS]

Loki finale

You clicked in a link that says, Sylvie’s Mental State In THAT Moment From The Loki Finale [SPOILERS]. That means you either care not for spoilers or you have seen the Loki finale already. So now you know, before I get into one of the key moments from that finale.


Sophia di Martino would play Sylvie again in MCU

The Loki finale saw a pivotal moment for the future of the MCU play out. Confronted with the truth of who was behind the TVA, Sylvie decided to kill him anyway. That was despite the warnings of He Who Remains that his death would result in far worse variants of himself being unleashed upon the Multiverse.

Loki begged Sylvie to just stop and think, but she was determined. Sylvie had waited her whole life for this chance and she was going to take it. Loki was sent back to the TVA and Sylvie stabbed He Who Remains. Before dying He Who Remains uttered a chilling line to Sylvie, “see you soon”. In that moment Sylvie realizes the magnitude of what she may have just unleashed upon the Multiverse, Kang.

So what was Sylvie’s mental state in that finale moment? Actress Sophia Di Martino spoke to ahead of todays finale air date.

Sylvie’s Mental State

“She’s been on her mission her whole life to get to whoever is behind the TVA, who robbed her life from her, and who took that little girl,” Sophia Di Martino tells “The anger that she had as a little girl has just been growing and growing and growing her whole life, to this point, where the guy who caused it, in her eyes, is standing right in front of her. She thinks that killing him is going to make her feel better. That feeling in that moment is stronger than any feelings she has for Loki.”

“She still has to see her plan through to the end,” Di Martino continues. “The kiss, for me, was like a final sort of thank you and goodbye. It’s been fun, dude, but at the end of the day, I’m not you and I’ve got a mission, and I’m going to see this through, on my own, to the end. So see ya.” 

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“When she kills him, she’s just completely unfulfilled. It didn’t do what she wanted to do. She doesn’t feel that relief. That final moment is just utter devastation. She thought she was going to get the relief that she’s been waiting for her whole life. She’s built this up so much. She finally kills the guy right at the top, and feels nothing. Still feels sort of angry and bitter and sad, as she always has. But nothing, just emptiness and that’s really sad. What she does with [that sadness] is yet to be seen. It’s an interesting place to start another chapter.”

I think we will most definitely be seeing Sylvie again. When Loki returned he was in a new version of the TVA, Mobius didn’t know him and the Timekeepers statues were replaced by one of what we assume is Kang. However, what about Sylvie, did Kang himself suddenly appear in He Who Remains place? That would be rough, though perhaps Sylvie is currently protected by Alioth from Kang, It seems like He Who Remains was the only variant to work out how to use the monster for his own means.

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