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American Reject Trailer Dashes Hopes and Dreams for Reality Contestant

These reality talent shows can only have one winner. Oftentimes, too many contestants are left back into obscurity once the curtain is down. In the comedy American Reject, one contestant’s reality sinks in after she

Student Body | Montse Hernandez Interview [Exclusive]

After years of acting in films, television, and voice acting, Montse Hernandez enters a new genre she never did before—horror. The film Student Body takes us back to the pinnacle of slasher films of the

The Fabulous Filipino Brothers | Dante Basco Interview [Exclusive]

Dante Basco wanted to direct and make a film that is a family affair. The dream came true with the comedy The Fabulous Filipino Brothers that involved most of the family from the inception to

Exclusive Red Band Trailer in Punjabi and Mexican Crime Thriller The Scrapper

The crime syndicates of Punjabi and Mexican factions will clash in this thriller called The Scrapper. The indie crime movie is led with a very diverse cast that stars Bari Kang, Craig muMs Grant (Oz,

Vandal | Jose Daniel Freixas Shares Why This Feature On Graffiti Artists Was So Important To Him [Exclusive Interview]

When it comes to art, we all know the saying that it’s in the eyes of the beholder. While some people marvel at a single brush stroke or at times even what is seemingly a

Lair | Writer And Director Adam Ethan Crow On His Incredible Journey To Make His Feature Debut [Exclusive Interview]

I really enjoy the evolution of horror. As times change, what scares us also changes. This means that filmmakers must adjust to make sure that they are delivering frights to their audiences. With that said

The Fabulous Filipino Brothers Clip Release Marked Dante Basco Directorial Debut

In celebration of Filipino American History Month, 1091 Pictures acquired the digital rights to Dante Basco’s directorial debut with The Fabulous Filipino Brothers. The film made its world premiere at the 2021 SXSW Film Festival