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12 Strong Aspires To Be A Different Kind Of War Movie

War is an all-time favorite genre for Hollywood, and our nation's ongoing conflicts in the Middle East have provided ample material for studios to tell an incredible array of different stories -- many based on

12 Strong Director Nicolai Fugslig On Interacting With Real-Life Heroes, & Where He Was On 9/11

Based on the book of the same name from writer Doug Stanton, 12 Strong tells the story of a Special Forces team that's sent into Afghanistan immediately following the tragedy of 9/11. The team forms an

12 Strong: Was Anything Redacted Or Changed To Protect Subjects?

The brand-new Chris Hemsworth film, 12 Strong, is currently in select theaters, with an impending release into wide release later this month. It tells the tale of a U.S. Special Forces team, and their dangerous

12 Strong Gets A Second Trailer

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zxag9p-63RU&feature=youtu.be Warner Bros. has just released the second trailer for 12 Strong, a film that is set in Afghanistan on the heels of the 9/11 attacks. Check out the trailer above. I’m admittedly a bit

12 Strong Trailer Promises A Serious Depiction Of America’s Special Forces Response To 9/11

We've clearly reached peak war-genre when Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer enter the fray (13 Hours and 12 Strong, respectively -- I'm sure the naming conventions are just coincidence). Over the last decade we've had