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Star Wars: Skeleton Crew Rumored To Be Delayed Till 2024 | Barside Buzz

According to the latest Buzz, Star Wars: Skeleton Crew is rumored to be delayed until 2024. No official date was ever set for Skeleton Crew on Disney+. However, the show was showcased as being set

Looks Like We’re Off To Naboo In Andor Season 2| Barside Buzz

The latest Star Wars Barside Buzz is that we're going to Naboo in Andor Season 2. At least, it seems a damn good bet that Padme's home planet will feature in at least one episode.

Filming For Andor Season 2 Proceeds Despite Showrunner’s Absence

Continued Filming for Andor Season 2 Unaffected by Absence of Showrunner Despite the absence of showrunner Tony Gilroy from the set, filming for the highly anticipated second season of Andor is proceeding as scheduled. The

Tony Gilroy Details How He Ended Up Writing Andor For Lucasfilm

In a recent interview, Tony Gilroy details how he ended up writing Andor for Lucasfilm. It's actually a pretty interesting story to read. It turns out that Gilroy was given access to previous pitches for

Andor Showrunner Tony Gilroy Stops Working On Season 2 Due To WGA Strike

The latest news is that Andor showrunner Tony Gilroy stops working on Season 2 and the news comes hot on the heels of scab accusations from the WGA. As you know, the WGA strike is

Andor Season 2’s Final Three Episodes Cover The Three Days Before Rogue One

Showrunner Tony Gilroy reveals that Andor Season 2's final three episodes cover the three days before Rogue One. We've known since the very inception of Andor that the idea was to follow Cass/Cassian right up

Andy Serkis Teases Possible Andor Season 2 Return For Kino Loy

In a recent catch up with the Andor cast and crew Andy Serkis teases a possible Andor Season 2 return for Kino Loy. ET Online caught up with the cast and crew and they all

Mon Mothma Rumored To Show Up In Mandalorian S3 And Ahsoka | Barside Buzz

According to the Barside Buzz Mon Mothma is rumored to show up in both The Mandalorian S3 and Ahsoka. This of course will be in addition to her return in Andor Season 2. Actress Genevieve

Diego Luna On Cassian’s Search For His Sister In Andor

Cassian's search for his sister was an early motivation for the character in the early parts of Andor. Now we have the views of Diego Luna on Cassian's search. In this interview I think Luna

Tony Gilroy Teases What To Expect In Andor Season 2 – ‘All Roads Lead To Rogue One’

In a recent interview Andor creator Tony Gilroy teases what to expect in Andor Season 2. According to Gilroy, 'all roads lead to Rogue One' which is hardly surprising for a show focused on Cassian