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Pennyworth Executive Producers Danny Cannon And Bruno Heller Talk Season 2 [Exclusive Interview]

At first glance, EPIX's Pennyworth may seem like a reach for a television series. On the surface, are we really making a series on Batman's Butler? But over the years DC fans know how important

EPIX’S Pennyworth: Setting Up 60’s DC London And The Road To V For Vendetta | SDCC2019

Thanks to a wide array of television shows we have traveled to many places in the DC Universe that we might have seen in films, but definitely had seen in comics. For example, thanks to

EPIX’s Pennyworth: The Batman Prequel We Didn’t Know We Wanted | SDCC 2019

When I first heard that EPIX would be making an Alfred Pennyworth series that took place decades before the infamous tragic scene that took place in crime alley that lead to the creation of one