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Cecilia Robles on Crafting the Dance Horror Short Film Tinder Tango [Exclusive Interview]

For Cecilia Robles, the short film Tinder Tango was a passion project. Tinder Tango made its premiere earlier this month at the Dances with Films festival with in-person fanfare as it combines dancing and horror

Thomas Verrette Talks Zero Robotics Competition in Zero Gravity Documentary [Exclusive Interview]

Space is the final frontier or rather the new frontier for many young explorers. With Mars in the plans for space exploration, the International Space Station (ISS) made a call to middle school and high

Adolescence: Red Carpet Interviews with India Eisley, Mickey River, Ashley Avis and More [Exclusive]

https://vimeo.com/339624326 Life is hard. Life as a teen is even harder with peer pressure, parties and drugs. At the closing night red carpet of Dances with Films Festival, the cast and crew descended to Hollywood

Wowzers: Green Carpet Interview with Sam Fox [Exclusive]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1_BX1Lmb88 It’s just a dream. Or is it? The short film Wowzers made a premiere at the Dances with Films festival. The film starred and written by Sam Fox as a young tormented woman haunted

Gutterbug: Green Carpet Interview with Andrew Gibson, Chris Tobin, Tim Haber and Michael List [Exclusive]

More than half a million Americans are homeless in any given night. The reasons of homelessness can range from mental health, drug addiction, poverty or simply fate. Gutterbug showcases a fictional punk named Bug, who

Would You Likes To Try Again?: Green Carpet Interview With Director Michael Felker [Exclusive]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gN6e8sdtXb8 Living in the real world—there isn’t a second life. Only in the video game world is where you can have a second life or rather a second chance. The short film Would You Like

Driven: Green Carpet Interview with Glenn Payne and Casey Dillard [Exclusive]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EachXwlyL0 Being a driver isn’t the best career. It requires long hours, discipline, map knowledge and other skills. The biggest risk with this occupation is you’ll never know who you’ll pickup with the app. In

Dances with Films 2017: Opening Night Green Carpet Interviews for D-Love

It takes a caring stranger to change a couple’s lives. Indie drama D-Love made its world premiere at the Dances with Films Festival in Hollywood, Calif. Last weekend. LRM had an opportunity to interview with

Dances with Films 2017: Opening Night Green Carpet Interviews For Eliza Sherman’s Revenge

Revenge plan never goes according to plan. Eliza Sherman learned it the hard way. Last week, Eliza Sherman’s Revenge premiered at the Dances with Films Festival 2017 in Hollywood, Calif. LRM was on the prestigious