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Strange World Looks At The Pressures Of Fathers And Sons

Strange World is out now in theaters everywhere from Walt Disney Animation. This time, the house of the mouse is taking us to a "Strange World" as we have never seen before. Director Don Hall

Dennis Quaid and Jimmy Gonzalez on the Amazing True Story of Netflix’s Blue Miracle [Exclusive Interview]

Once in a while, there’ll be these sport competition stories about underdogs that capture the hearts and minds with audiences. With a story about a group of orphans winning a fishing tournament against professional seasoned

Amazon Prime Video Debuts Trailer For Season 3 Of Goliath

https://youtu.be/-mSBOseNiZg Looks like the American legal drama web television series from Amazon Prime Video, Goliath, will be returning October 4th, 2019 exclusively on their streaming service. The star of the series Academy Award and Golden