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Harlan Coben’s Shelter | Exclusive Clip

The unexpected friendship is what makes Harlan Coben's Shelter viewers want to watch more. While the mystery and crime gives it a bonus. Maintaining that original Harlan Coben touch working with Prime Video for the

Invasion Season Two | Exclusive Clip 

The action-packed second season of “Invasion” picks up just months later with the aliens escalating their attacks in an all-out war against the humans. The trailer gives a suspenseful sneak peek into the new season,

King Of Killers | Exclusive Clip

The new action film King of Killers is a creation of actor Kevin Grevioux as a writer and director.  A story that is based on the Grevioux graphic novel of the same title. https://youtu.be/IAFMRNXOQs4?si=HrwWPzftByvGVg_2 King

Chuchi And Adaliz | Exclusive Clip

Chuchi And Adaliz will be making its world premiere in SXSW this month.  A series that has the stars wearing multiple hats to make it possible. Ashley Soto Paniagua and Dani Adaliz take part as

The Minute You Wake Up Dead | Exclusive Clip

Cole Houser joins Morgan Freeman on the big screen in The Minute You Wake Up Dead.  https://youtu.be/vv7XswnfSMk The Synopsis  Starring Morgan Freeman (Million Dollar Baby), Jaimie Alexander (Thor), and Cole Hauser (Yellowstone), this sexy, riveting

Devil’s Workshop | Exclusive Clip

Timothy Granaderos adds another horror to his resume with Devil's Workshop. Granaderos portrays an  actor that is willing to do anything for a role. https://youtu.be/iSj2wqtQkc8 The synopsis  In this chilling psychological thriller featuring Emile Hirsch

Moonhaven Episode Three | Exclusive Clip

Last week Moonhaven premiered with a double episode of the new Sci-Fi series. The show is composed by Joe Manganiello, Ayelet Zurer, Dominic Monaghan, Kaddeem Hardison and Emma McDonald to name a few. With the

Jorge Lendeborg Jr And Jenna Ortega In American Carnage | Exclusive Clip

There is no escaping politics from beginning to end in the new upcoming film American Carnage. A group of teenagers from different nationalities unite in the effort to survive the unexpected circumstances that they are

White Elephant | Exclusive Clip

Michael Rooker, Bruce Willis, and John Malkovich star in the new action film, White Elephant.  https://youtu.be/5zEPU7Ekz00 The Synopsis  When an assassination attempt is witnessed by two cops, Gabriel Tancredi, an ex-marine turned mob enforcer (Michael

Rookie Season | LRM EXCLUSIVE CLIP Ahead Of TVOD/Digital Release

Back in February LRM Online brought you an exclusive interview with the filmmaker, Adrian Bonvento. He had made a documentary titled, Rookie Season which was ready to race into theaters. The film follows Rebel Rock