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Witch Hunt | Star Gideon Adlon On What It Means To Be A Witch [Exclusive Interview]

We are full-on into Spooky Season! This past weekend was the release of Witch Hunt. This is a horror/thriller from writer and director Elle Callahan. It takes us to a different world where real witches

Witch Hunt Trailer Has Agents Hunting Women With Magic Powers

Witch Hunt opens to another world similar to The Handmaid’s Tale, but with dark magical powers. In the modern-day setting, a government agency of the Bureau of Witch Investigation seeks out women and girls that

The Craft: Legacy Coven Talk About Being A Part Of The Craft Continuation [Exclusive Interview]

The Craft: Legacy brings us a version of women empowerment and celebrating women entering into their own capability. Columbia Pictures presents a Blumhouse and Red Wagon Production, The Craft: Legacy. A continuation of the cult