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Woke Season 2 | Aimee Garcia And Miguel Pinzon On Is There A Right Or Wrong Way To Be An Activist? [Exclusive]

The crew of the Hulu Original series Woke is back! We catch up with cartoonist Keef Knight, played by Lamorne Morris, who has become quite the popular activist. This season he and his buddies struggle

Woke Season 2 | T. Murph & Blake Anderson On Growth And Importance Of Someone To Lean On [Exclusive]

Season two of Woke is finally here! In season one of the series we witnessed how cartoonist Keef Knight, played by Lamorne Morris, has his life turned upside down when he starts making realizations about

Exciting The Great Season 2 Photos And A Few Juicy Details From The Creator, Tony McNamara

The Great Season 2 is coming soon! Entertainment Weekly received exclusive photos of season 2 and an interview with The Great creator, Tony McNamara. He gave some interesting bits of information and I can't wait

Uyoata Udi, Julian Elijah Martinez And Marcus Callender Discuss Wu-Tang: An American Saga S2 [Exclusive Interview]

Uyoata Udi, Julian Elijah Martinez and Marcus Callender are part of the cast in Wu-Tang: An American Saga season two on Hulu. A series that gives a backstory of how the popular 1990’s group Wu-Tang Clan was

Alanna Ubach and Tara Strong On Voicing Crude and Vulgar Characters in Hulu’s Crossing Swords [Exclusive Interview]

[caption id="attachment_160497" align="alignnone" width="868"] Alanna Ubach as Queen Tulip. Tara Strong as Coral.[/caption] Alanna Ubach and Tara Strong are the masters in the voicing acting world. When Hulu’s Crossing Swords came along, they both jumped