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A Banquet | Ruth Paxton Interview [Exclusive]

With a certain sign from the sky, a young woman felt she was touched by a higher power. In the psychological film A Banquet, the mother struggles to save her daughter, who believes she doesn’t

A Banquet Trailer Has Daughter Touched By Higher Power or Demon

A daughter never eats and never loses weight. It sounds like the ideal situation for any person. In A Banquet, a mother is under conflict after her daughter claims to be reached out by a

Pat Healy on Desperation Horror in We Need To Do Something [Exclusive Interview]

Desperate times call for desperate measures. With a family that dislikes each other, it becomes a matter that everyone may be on their own in We Need to Do Something starring Sierra McCormick, Vinessa Shaw,

Carly Pope Talks Demonic – Neill Blomkamp’s New Experimental Horror Film [Exclusive Interview]

It’s fun to see how movie genres evolve through time. How the way that we get spooked changes as our culture evolves. Effects and ideas that used to haunt audiences seem fairly tame to us