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Toy Story 4 Could Possibly Break Opening Weekend Records Dethroning Incredibles 2

The phrase "Shut up and take my money" seems like it's Disney's theme for 2019. We have already got films like Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame and the live action Aladdin and Dumbo. Last night they

Incredibles 2: Craig T. Nelson Addresses Being Domesticated And Doing Voicework [Exclusive Interview]

Mr. Incredible has become Mr. Mom. In its own way, any stay at home parent is a superhero. And taking care of children is its own superpower. In the long-awaited sequel Incredibles 2, the animated

Incredibles 2: Bob Odenkirk On His Love Of Incredibles Characters and Pixar Magic

It’s just a fanboy at heart. Bob Odenkirk joins Incredibles 2 as the voice of a new mysterious character in the animated sequel. He plays Winston Deavor, a salesman and showman, who wants to bring

Incredibles 2: Sarah Vowell Talks About Her First Start In Voicing Violet

With Incredibles 2 out this weekend, Sarah Vowell returns to voice the sassy teenage girl, Violet Parr, who has the superpowers of invisibility and force fields. Incredibles 2 reunites the original voice cast members Craig

Incredibles 2: Huck Milner On His Experiences With Voice Acting

It’s exciting to be a little boy with superpowers. It is even more exciting to voice Dash in Incredibles 2, who has superpowers. The animated Incredibles 2 will be in theaters this Friday. It’s the

Bao Interview: Behind Pixar’s Newest Short Film And The Scrappy Nature Of Pixar’s Shorts Program

Pixar may be largely known as a feature film studio, but there's no denying that a great deal of their culture is embedded in their shorts. In fact, it was through the creation of shorts

New Pixar Short ‘Bao’ Was Influenced By 2D Animation, Namely One Piece

[caption id="attachment_103504" align="aligncenter" width="1920"] SWEET ADVENTURE -- In Disney•Pixar’s all-new short “Bao,” director Domee Shi explores parenthood, empty-nest syndrome and food—lots of food. When an aging Chinese mom crafts a dumpling that springs to life as a lively, giggly dumpling boy, Mom

Incredibles 2 TV Spot: Where Is Mom?

https://twitter.com/DisneyPixar/status/979387730382565376 On the heels of a summer poster release for Incredibles 2, we have a new look at the film in the form of a new TV spot. Sadly, it's only about 30 seconds in