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Travis Taute Talks About Finding His Tom Cruise For Indemnity [Exclusive Interview]

Filmmaker Travis Traute brings action from start to finish in Indemnity. Starring Jarrid Geduld who performed his own stunts.  https://youtu.be/kEeirDvFXLw The Synopsis  INDEMNITY is a high-octane action thriller written and directed by South African filmmaker Travis

Jarrid Geduld Discussed Performing All His Stunts for Indemnity [Exclusive Interview]

While we have Tom Cruise doing his own stunts, South Africa has Jarrid Geduld. That was his request when he was brought on board to be part of Indemnity. The latest film by Travis Taute.

Indemnity Trailer Launches South African Action Thriller Set to Premiere at Fantasia Film Fest

With film festivals return to physical screenings this year, South African action thriller film Indemnity is sets to make its world premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival in Canada. The film is described as one