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Paramount+’s Red Carpet Interviews with Cast and Producers

After more than twenty years in the making, HALO finally leaps off the video game system onto your television screens. Last night, hours before the first couple of episodes streamed on Paramount+, the cast and

Paramount+’s HALO | Yerin Ha and Jen Taylor Roundtable Interview

In the anticipated Parmount+’s HALO, the series brings in a familiar face with Cortana (played by Jen Taylor) and a new character with Quan Ah (played by Yerin Ha). For many video game fans, it

Halo Recasts Original Voice Actress As Cortana For Showtime Series

Showtime's Halo live-action television adaptation has been plagued by all kinds of hurdles. For example, they had recently had their director, M.J. Bassett, leave the series because of scheduling conflicts. That position was filled by