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The Batman Co-Writer Is Penning Mega Man Movie

Forget Detective Pikachu. Forget Sonic the Hedgehog. The real video game mascot that has been itching for an adaptation is the one and only Mega Man. That’s right. The blue did with an arm cannon

Mega Man: The On Again, Off Again Film Is On Again

A few months ago we reported on a rumor that Disney had given the ax to more than 100 projects at Fox Studios. Disney came out and said the rumor was completely false and we

Ant-Man Vs Captain Marvel And Video Game Movies Are Terrible

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UPDATED: Disney Did NOT Cancel 300 Fox Films Including Mega Man, Magic: The Gathering, The Sims, And Assasin’s Creed 2

UPDATE: LRM Online incorrectly reported that hundreds of Fox projects were canceled by Disney. This has since been proven as false, and we regret the error greatly. Don’t forget to share this post on your

Live-Action Mega Man Movie In The Works!

Beware, film fans, because the era of mascot film adaptations is on the way. We already know that Nintendo is working with Illumination to bring Super Mario to the big screen, and we also know