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Neon Lights | Rouzbeh Heydari Interview

Rouzbeh Heydari wanted to create one intense psychological thriller with Neon Lights by utilizing the angel and devil voices with colorizations as people’s auras. The film stars Dana Abraham (Prisoner of Fear), Brenna Coates (Coroner),

Neon Lights | Dana Abraham Interview

For actor Dana Abraham, it was a challenging role to get into the psychological headspace of a tormented tech wiz in Neon Lights. Written by and starred with Abraham, the film focuses on a tech

Neon Lights | Brenna Coates Interview

In the realm of psychological thrillers, the therapist tends to play the voice of the angel or the devil. In Neon Lights, Brenna Coates plays Laila, a therapist with an experimental tactic that tries to

Neon Lights Trailer Has Family Reunion Members Disappearing As Tycoon Battles Mental Illness

In psychedelics in treating mental health issues, a rich tycoon determines in figuring out his reality as members of his own family reunion starts disappearing one by one in Neon Lights. The film stars Dana