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The Field Review: Casting Mars An Otherwise Good Horror Film | Shriekfest 2019

In the new horror movie The Field, Ben and Lydia are a big city couple looking to reinvent their lives in a small Wisconsin town. They buy a long-unused farm, so Ben can work on

Volition Review: A Highly commendable Indie Time-Bending Thriller | Shriekfest 2019

Going to the Shriekfest Horror Film Festival in Los Angeles this year for the first time, I had a few preconceived notions about it. My biggest was that its lineup would be solely comprised of

Portal Review: Ghost Hunters Go Too Far In Average Horror Tale | Shriekfest 2019

Ghost hunting shows are still rather popular on cable nets and the web these days. The movie Portal follows the crew of one of these shows that has been struggling to gain viewers, as they

Greenlight Review: It’s Kill Or Be Killed For A Novice Movie Director In This Thriller  | Shriekfest 2019

Filmmaking is a matter of life and death in the new thriller Greenlight. The film screened as part of this past weekend’s Shriekfest Film Festival in Los Angeles, going on to win the Best Thriller