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Sniper: Rogue Mission | Josh Brener Interview

Josh Brener had played high-tech specialists in various films and television series. This time around, he plays an expert hacker in Sniper: Rogue Mission. After all, technology can be a greater weapon than a sniper

Sniper: Rogue Mission | Ryan Robbins Interview

Although a sniper is a solo military job, the Sniper franchise evolved into a teamwork scenario to accomplish its tasks. Ryan Robbins returns to the franchise as Zero, the military partner to the sniper Brandon

Sniper: Rogue Mission | Chad Michael Collins Interview

For Chad Michael Collins, he has become nearly a permanent fixture and face of the Sniper franchise starring in several movies, with the latest installment being Sniper: Rogue Mission. The franchise started in 1993 as

The Sniper Films Return With Sniper: Rogue Mission New Trailer

Back in 1993, a low-budget film titled Sniper hit theaters to little fanfare. Tom Berenger and Billy Zane starred in the action movie.  The release of that movie grew a loyal audience to warrant a sequel later