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First Look at Star Trek: Prodigy Action Figures

Playmates Toys unveiled the first look at its action figures toy line for Star Trek: Prodigy with Paramount Consumer Products. The new toy line features five of the characters from the animated series that include

Ella Purnell, Brett Gray and Rylee Alazraqui on Voicing New Heroes in Star Trek: Prodigy [Roundtable Interview]

With Star Trek: Prodigy underway, the animated series look to introduce the next generation of children to the Star Trek franchise that is growing strong after fifty-five years.  The series follows a group of young

Kate Mulgrew on Her Return as Janeway in Star Trek: Prodigy [Roundtable Interview]

In many articles and surveys, Captain Kathryn Janeway is easily in the top three Star Trek captains in the franchise for the past fifty-five years. This week, actress Kate Mulgrew returns back into the Star

Producers Discuss Animated Project Star Trek: Prodigy For New Generation [Roundtable Interview]

Many generations grew up with the Star Trek franchise in the past fifty-five years of its existence. In the past few years, many versions of Star Trek spawned for different audiences, including Star Trek: Discovery,

Kate Mulgrew’s Captain Janeway Makes Her Return in Star Trek: Prodigy

Star Trek: Prodigy Adds Captain Janeway Looks like my Starfleet Captain is Back! Which of so many would you say I consider my favorite Captain? Well as amazing as Captain Jean-Luc Picard and others, my

CBS Television Announce Star Trek: Prodigy For Nickelodeon

New Star Trek: Prodigy animated series. It looks like the Star Trek franchise is starting to kick it into high gear over at CBS. Recently we had seen the trailer for their upcoming animated series