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Li Dong Creating an Academic Courtroom Drama with Stealing School [Exclusive Interview]

[caption id="attachment_177120" align="alignnone" width="800"] Li Dong Directed Stealing School starring Celine Tsai and Jonathan Keltz[/caption] Every courtroom drama has the important element—seeking the truth with the given evidence. However, in an academic college paper cheating

The Exploration Of Millennial Anxieties In The Upcoming Film Stealing School [Trailer]

Young people have it tough when it comes to getting through college. The stress of how to pay for it alone should be enough right? Let alone paying for it and still having to deal

Stealing School: Red Carpet Interviews with Celine Tsai and Jonathan Keltz | Napa Valley Film Festival 2019

School is so competitive nowadays. It’s all about keeping up with the studies, the parties, and the life. In Li Dong’s directorial debut, Stealing School is one of the highlighted feature films playing at this