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Millennial Lotería, Batman’s SIX Villains, Batwoman Sucks? (Ft. Mike Alfaro) | Los Fanboys

https://soundcloud.com/los-fanboys/millennial-loteria-batmans-six-villains-batwoman-sucks-ft-mike-alfaro-los-fanboys In the latest edition of Los Fanboys, Jammer, Kyle, Brandon, and special guest Mike Alfaro this past week in film and TV news. QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What was your favorite part of E3?

Netflix’s Chronicles Of Narnia Gets Coco Co-Writer As Creative Head

It's the early 2000s again. Amazon Prime is bringing back the world of Middle-Earth in the Lord of the Rings series and Netflix is bringing back C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia to their streaming service.

We Are Entering The Golden Age Of Fantasy On TV

  Whether you love it or not, HBO's Game of Thrones is probably the biggest show on TV right now, perhaps ever. The popularity of a fantasy show like this would have seemed unlikely 10

Netflix To Develop Chronicles Of Narnia Films And TV Series

You may have heard all the news over at Amazon Studios, and how they're going all-in on this fantasy thing. Of course, they're taking on The Lord of the Rings, but earlier this week, we