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The Defenders May Actually Return… Possibly With Different Heroes

I guess there is a chance we will see The Defenders again after all, but it may not be the team that Netflix initially introduced us to last summer. In an interview with EW, Marvel

Think Defenders Season 2 Is Inevitable? Think Again

Back when it was first announced that Netflix would be making Marvel shows, we knew that, like the films in the MCU, it would culminate in a big team-up story. The films got The Avengers

The Defenders: There Are Currently No Plans For A Season 2, Netflix Exec Says

We're spoiled these days. We may complain about it, but we tend to rely on the fact that when one superhero film is announced, we pretty much assume it's going to have a sequel. Marvel

Defenders: There Are Currently No Plans For A Season 2

Marvel Television doesn't seem to be in any particular rush to bring a follow-up to last year's superhero team-up limited series. Last August saw the culmination of the Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron

The Defenders: Krysten Ritter Doesn’t Think A Second Season Will Happen

On the film front, Marvel has a pretty predictable pattern. In a standard phase, we get standalone films, along with the occasional team-up, and at a certain point, we get a massive event film in