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Train To Busan Review: Zombies On A Train | GV’s 13 Days Of Terror

Train To Busan Review: Zombies On A Train | GV's 13 Days Of Terror Welcome to The GenreVerse's 13 Days of Terror! 13 movie reviews between 19-31 October. Next up, Jonesy (BGR Podcast) delivers his

Train to Busan Spoiler Review | Binge Watch

[caption id="attachment_162987" align="alignnone" width="800"] Train to Busan[/caption] Train to Busan is a Korean zombie movie directed by Yeon Sang-ho. Like many zombie movies, the film features a zombie outbreak that encompassed the entire peninsula of

Train To Busan Remake In The Works From James Wan And Gary Dauberman

Last month, we shared news that there was a Train to Busan sequel potentially in the works. Sadly, we have nothing more to share on that front, but in the same vein, we also now

Zombie Flick, Train To Busan, To Get A Sequel!

Who doesn’t love zombies? The flesh-eating creatures, of previous human form, are a staple in the horror genre. From Romeo’s Night of the Living Dead to Zombieland the undead have entertained us for decades! Back