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Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two Clip Has Two-Face Finding A New Friend in the Sewers

Fresh off of San Diego Comic-Con International’s Comic-Con@Home, Warner Bros. Animation and DC is making its final push for the animation Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two. Based on the 13-issue comic book limited series

Harley Quinn S2 E6 Review: All The Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues

The Joker is back in Gotham City, except he doesn't know it. In this week's episode of DC Universe's Harley Quinn, we find Harley, voiced by Kaley Cuoco, and Poison Ivy, voiced by Lake Bell,

Live-Action Batman Films Ranked Worst To Best | LRM Ranks It

https://youtu.be/PCSmgcwuvhU Welcome to LRM Ranks It! This is the video feature where two LRM writers share their personal rankings for various properties! Be it comic book movies or Star Wars-related, you'd better believe we have opinions