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UPDATE: IGN confirms that the film’s working title is now the official title. Terminator: Dark Fate

Whether you want it or not, we are getting another Terminator movie. Yes this one ignores all of them except the original and the much beloved T2: Judgment Day, but that doesn’t make it easier to forget the rest.

So what do we know about this new film? What have they told us so far, to get us into the theater? Not too much. We know that the focus will be on Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) and two new female leads played by Mackenzie Davis and Ntalie Reyes. A new Terminator, played by Gabriel Luna, will be the big bad, and this film will be a hand off from Connor to the new characters for a planned trilogy. Of course Ah-nold is returning too.

Oh yeah, we also know the WORKING title, Terminator: Dark Fate. For a movie that is coming from a tumultuous past and releases in November of this year, you would think they would have settled on an official title by now. The title doesn’t give too much away, except maybe admitting they still can’t stop the rise of SkyNet, a theme we’ve already explored. Maybe it means they start preparing for the inevitable war instead of trying to stop it, and they hope to win it conventionally.

Honestly I am split on this movie. I really don’t want another Terminator film, and I am not sure it’s been long enough since the last two failed reboots of Salvation and Genisys. I have seen them all except Genisys simply because I didn’t care any more. I thought Salvation was a good idea but had poor execution, and in my mind the original two were something special that couldn’t be replicated. I will need to see one hell of a trailer in order to get me to see this in theaters. It’s not that I want this to fail, I just don’t have faith.


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Source: IGNYahoo Entertainment (Via Heroic Hollywood

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