– by Mark Cook

Anyone who has seen Avengers: Infinity War knows that Thanos is pretty much unstoppable.  Even though our mighty heroes could not take down the Titan, it appears that the Toronto Police Department did!

According to The Star, in response to the tragic events that occurred this past April, a man named Frank Coraci wanted to bring a smile back to the city.  In an effort to do so he dressed in Thanos’ token gear and paraded around the streets, much to the delight of on-lookers.  Sgt. Noel DeGuzman helped stage the “arrest” on Twitter, which can be found on the link at the bottom of the article.

As the picture went viral DeGuzman wrote:

“What started as good-hearted banter between two Marvel fans and subsequently a photo for my daughter, apparently exploded onto social media. I am thankful that it put a smile on many people’s faces.”

What an awesome way to bring a little random joy to Toronto!  Maybe The Avengers should ask DeGuzman and company for some helpful tips on apprehending Thanos!

Avengers: Infinity War is playing in a theater near you (and still kicking butt).

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Source: Screenrant