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The Acolyte Creator Confirms Osha’s Fate – Talks Season 2 And Darth Plagueis

The Acolyte creator drops a big spoiler as he confirms Osha's fate, she also talks Season 2 and mentions Darth Plagueis.

The Acolyte creator drops a big spoiler as she confirms Osha’s fate, she also talks Season 2 and mentions Darth Plagueis. Given the title, I think it goes without saying that there are SPOILERS here for not only the Season 1 finale, but potentially Season 2 if it gets made.

Speaking with Nerdist, The Acolyte creator Leslye Headland surprisingly confirmed Osha’s fate, or at least her immediate fate.

Headland was discussing the intention for Sol to mistake Mae for Osha, not once, but twice.

“That he doesn’t know her as well as he thinks he does. Qimir has a similar reaction to Osha that Sol has. Sol has that Qui-Gon/Anakin connection with her. “This is a powerful Force-sensitive child. This child is meant to be my Padawan. I’m drawn to this particular power, which means I need to help this young woman reach her full potential as a Jedi.”

“Qimir has the exact same experience with her in episode two. The second Osha walks into the apothecary, he knows that it’s not ae. He can feel that this is something different. He can feel that he wants to teach her. Qimir wants to be a part of her journey in reaching her full potential.”

“What I think is interesting is that Qimir, and later the Stranger, never mistakes Osha for Mae. And Sol mistakes Osha for Mae at least twice. That’s also meant to foreshadow who Osha’s real Master will be.”

So, no big surprise, but Osha is going to join Qimir/The Stranger and become his apprentice. Could have kept that back a little Leslye, but hey, that’s your call.

Is Qimir a Sith?

I’m genuinely not sure where this angle from fans comes from. Many think Qimir is not a Sith, but wants to be, or he will go on to create the Knights of Ren. Why would a non-Sith need an apprentice/acolyte? Why is the character listed as a Sith in all official databases etc since the reveal?

Given what Headland said about Osha having Qimir become her master, I think this answers the question more than what she said coyly below.

“What I will say is you don’t hear it from his mouth, but there are a couple small things that happen that intimate the answer to that question.”

Headland was then asked directly if Qimir had any attachment to the Knights of Ren?

“It’s a really good theory. What an interesting theory. What an amazing…that’s…wow. Wow wow.”

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Hmm, unclear, but those Kylo Ren musical cues are certainly deliberate. Damn I hope not. That would be so pointless given how bloody useless the Knights of Ren actually were.

Headland also went on to discuss why the Sith would obviously be interested in this power they don’t understand displayed by the Witches of Brendock.

“They’re not seeing the long game of the lineage of the Sith pursuing any sort of evidence of this type of power in the galaxy and then tunnel visioning toward it. And improving upon it. Again, if the girls are a test run, being able to improve on what that power is and being able to perfect it, that would be something if I were a Sith I would be interested in.”

Surely another sign Qimir is a Sith Lord, no?

Season 2 and Darth Plagueis

Headland also claims that whilst there have been discussions, she doesn’t yet know if she will get a Season 2. However, if The Acolyte does get a Season 2, or more, then it seems like we may get to a certain Darth Plagueis.

Headland was asked if she knows how The Acolyte connects to the period of time when Plagueis trained Palpatine?

“Yes, I do. If I continue to get to tell this story, I know how I would like that to play out. And I would say I think it’s pretty complicated and messy.”

Given the old Plagueis books are not canon, I think they should just make Qimir Plagueis and be done with it. However, perhaps we are a little too early for that yet. Ultimately I’m more interested in that story than I am the story being told in Season 1. It’s so far all a bit too YA (Young Adult) for me.

What do you think as The Acolyte creator Leslye Headland confirms Osha’s fate? What about what she had to say about the Sith, Season 2 and Darth Plagueis? As always, leave any thoughts below.

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