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The Acolyte Creator Explains Why Twins Are Not As Powerful As Anakin

Despite having similarities The Acolyte creator explains why the twins are not as powerful as Anakin Skywalker.

Despite having similarities The Acolyte creator explains why the twins are not as powerful as Anakin Skywalker. It goes without saying this article discusses the events of The Acolyte Episode 7. So, if you are looking to avoid SPOILERS for this weeks episode, better skip this one till later.

That being said, I would not say there is that much to get spoiled here in all honesty. I’ll start by saying I’ve liked only a few episodes so far from the show and others have just not been my kind of stories I enjoy. That’s just my opinion, if you like The Acolyte, or hate it with a passion, that’s also fine. I’m really kind of numbed to Star Wars I don’t care much for these days.

Anyway, Episode 7 saw a reveal, unsurprisingly, that Osha and Mae are a bit unusual. The Jedi are investigating a Vergence. Not centred on a person though, like Anakin. Instead they are investigating a planet which seems to have been spontaneously conceived by the Force after a previous devastation. However, it seems this Force rich planet was also the perfect place for the Witches coven to conduct a little experiment in Force manipulation. We also found out that unlike most twins, Mae and Osha are not just identical DNA wise, but also in their Force sensitivity. In other words, like one person split into two, but not in a natural way as occurs in our reality.

Vergence In The Force

There is a clear connection to how Anakin was conceived by the Force. However, it’s not exactly the same and creator Leslye Headland tells Nerdist, this means the twins are not on the same level of power as Anakin Skywalker. He’s still the Chosen One.

Headland started by answering whether the Witches moved to Brendock to specifically create the twins?

“It’s a really good question. It’s also a backwards question because we haven’t confirmed that the witches created them. [laughs]”

A fair non-answer when there is more story to come, or at least one more episode. Though…

“But yes. Yes, yes, yes. Obviously, yes, it’s intimated very strongly that’s what happened. I believe that the former is true for the coven, and the latter is true for Aniseya. I think Aniseya, not unlike Vernestra, they are these very compelling leaders that have very intense senses of foresight. And Aniseya was always thought of as this religious figure that gained followers more and more as she moved out into the world.”

Okay, maybe she will answer this one?

“So for her, I think she always sort of knew that she needed to settle somewhere in order to bring to fruition. Not a grand scheme, but what the next step of her journey would have been. The height of her powers. And I think she also knew that at some point in utilizing the extent of her powers, that her destruction would come pretty soon after that.”

NOT The Chosen One(s)

“This was very important to me, Dave Filoni, and to Pablo Hidalgo, that the girls are not a vergence. The girls themselves are not a vergence in the Force. They needed…again, however they got here…the act of creating them was going to need amplification. Therefore, we came around to the decision that the vergence was on Brendok, and that it would remain mysterious. So that way, if we went back there in future tellings of the story, we could uncover a little bit more about what is actually there.”

“It was important that this type of vergence was a natural one as opposed to within a human being or an alien.”

Headland also confirmed more answers are coming in the finale.

“Tune in next week. Tune in next week. We definitely aren’t going to leave you hanging. You do a show like this, you take a lot of risks, you don’t really save a lot of those types of questions for season two. There are a lot of things you do save for a season two, but that kind of question is not one of them.”

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Headland then went on to answer a question about Anakin and power levels. Explaining that because the twins are split in two, they can never be as powerful as Anakin Skywalker is.

“I think it’s both. The girls are guinea pigs. They’re patient zero for this sort of power. It didn’t work perfectly. Therefore the girls on their own can never be as powerful as Anakin. Their full potential together has yet to be explored. They’ve been separated too long.”

“It’s like when you’re doing an experiment and it’s the first round of it. They are maybe not the first, but one of the first experiments of this particular use of power.”

“So the twins are weaker than Anakin, for sure. They are going to fall short of what will eventually become the Chosen One. They will never achieve what that is, because in my mind, Aniseya could only do so much. She’s not powerful enough to create one person. The twins split, Aniseya’s power split, and therefore a lot of her philosophy is about the power of two. About the fact that they must stay together. They must stay together. The twins are stronger together if she keeps them together. And obviously there’s an analogy to this of the isolationist feeling, not just of the coven, but also of family. “If I can keep you safe, if I can keep you safe then you won’t get hurt. You won’t get hurt.”

Well, in my mind no character should ever be as powerful as Anakin Skywalker. Unless they trained for several hundred years, then it’s not about raw power.

There is a lot more in the source article linked above. Later on, I plan to cover what Headland had to say about a certain character called Darth Plagueis. But if you want a head start, go read the full article.

What do you think of her comments as The Acolyte creator explains why the twins are not as powerful as Anakin Skywalker? Thoughts below as usual.

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