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This post was written several hours before Variety reported that Matt Reeves was, indeed, set to direct The Batman. Naturally, that changes things. So now, rather than reading about why you should be hyped about a RUMOR, you should be hyped by this being A THING.

Following a post where Variety said Reeves had officially entered “talks,” reporter Justin Kroll said this on twitter:

So there you have it, folks. Straight from one of the most reliable news outlets you’ll find anywhere. Matt Reeves will direct The Batman.

Original Post:

Well, I was about to come in here and give more heartbreaking The Batman news, but thanks to both our reader Tavo Borrego and MFR pointing out a mentioned Variety article, and a few tweets, my heartbreak may not be so grave. Instead, Ive got a different subject for you that has flown under the radar. But first, we all know how wishy-washy this whole production for The Batman has been, and who knows what we will hear by Monday. Regardless, there is one small tidbit that I believe both Jammer, MFR, and I have been reporting on since Affleck’s demise as director, and that is; Who will replace him?

Forbes has reported that Matt Reeves is the frontrunner, but they also reported a full rewrite of the script. MFR’s source came from, again — VARIETY — a very legit source, so we will simply have to play the Wheel of Fortune until we find out.

Let us assume that Reeves will direct this clusterf%@k, no rewrite will happen, and all the actors and villains will remain the same. What has Reeve done just so great for you to care?

He brought the Planet of the Apes franchise back to life. Most consider the 2001, Tim Burton directed, Planet of the Apes simply terrible. I thought it was ok’ish and I gave it about 3/10. Then we had Rise of the Planet of the Apes, directed by Rupert Wyatt, which again did ok, but many people did not like that as well. Along came Dawn of the Planet of the Apes which I actually did give it about a 6/10 score. I know that does not seem high, but the action sequences and the drama in this movie was enough to make me interested in his upcoming War of the Planet of the Apes, to the point that I am looking forward to it.

I think if Reeves could include his directorial prowess in The Batman with Geoff Johns behind the scene, we may just have a film that we may actually enjoy.

Other film goers also loved his directing in Cloverfield, and yes I agree. My issue was that I never really like the whole first person “smart phone” camera viewing of a movie. However, the way he did it was genius. He also produced 13 Cloverfield Lane, which gives him a solid connection with J.J. Abrams — Not to mention the greatest CW (WB back then) show ever: Felicity, staring the wonderful Keri Russell, which they both created. Ok, Ok, I am kidding that show was terrible (but then again, I was around a 20 year old guy when I saw it). However, many of the dramatic principles involving relationships are seen in a variety of media today.

So just where the hell do we go from here? Shrug, I have no idea. I am just glad Denis Villeneuve is scratched off the director’s list for The Batman after I spent two hours trying to stay awake during Arrival. This is not to mention that I am highly worried for Blade Runner 2049, but maybe Villeneuve will go back to what he did in Sicario.

So there is a lot here, but the main queston is; Could Matt Reeves make a good film in The Batman? Who would you rather see direct it other than Reeves?

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Source: Forbes (via IGN)