The Best Movies About Writers You Should See in Your Life

A writer’s life is often filled with the struggle of seeking recognition and getting published. And while also trying to make ends meet, they may face writer’s block; stare at blank pages as they sit by their desks, and struggle to maintain their personal and social lives. Even college writing sites do not always solve all the problems.

Discussing their problem with non-writer friends, sometimes, brings little or no understanding. To understand every writer in the world is to have a little taste of their lives. That can either be done by reading books that talk about writers or watching movies.

The movies to watch on writers

Writers are sometimes hard to explain. This does not only mean their social and personal lives but the entirety of it all. Some of them fight to get published; others face depression and then come out successful, while many experiences a creative slowdown. Writing movies about this kind of writer requires a deep understanding of who they are. And this is why movies about writing are usually uncommon in theatres. It is not an easy task to find movie writers with the ability to capture the different experiences they struggle with. However, we did a thorough search and came up with a list of great movies. Interested in college writing sites? Visit Yahoo News for the best essay writing services.

Greatest movies about writers to watch

The best writers’ movie is those that have a lot to say about what life as a writer looks like. As well as the ups and downs that come with writing. Here, we give you a list of 8 films about writing. Each talk about a different thing; what is it like to be a successful, struggling, appreciative, and even an emotionally-unsatisfied writer? 

Little Women

The first on our list is Little Women. The film adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women has been accomplished by different movie producers’ years after its original publication. However, it is the 2019 adaptation that attracted the praises of critics and won the top spot as being the best. Starring the fearless Emma Watson, the incredible Saoirse Ronan, and the well-loved Meryl Streep, the movie depicts what it’s like for women to forcefully create a name for themselves in a literary world dominated by men. Credit to this film is that it did not base its focus on the aspiring writer’s lifestyle and struggle alone but also on how her dreams to become a notable female writer affected her relationship with her family and those around her.

Midnight In Paris

Midnight In Paris is a sentimental comedy about a screenwriter and his wife. It tops the second place because of its past and present comparison of the world’s art and literature. Gil Pender (Woody Allen) vacations in Paris with his wife while battling to finish his first book. There, he finds an appreciation for the things of the past, now lost in the present, as he travels back in time every midnight. Aside from nostalgia, this movie concentrates on writer’s block and what it feels like to be stuck on the same page every day.


This Stephen King novel’s movie adaptation is not precisely centered on the writing struggle or experience but rather on what happens when a successful writer’s writing has a bizarre spell on readers. This firm is a good example of a movie about author. The main character in the movie, the author, gets kidnapped by a female fan who forces him to write a new sequel. When he refuses, she tortures him. This movie sheds light on what some authors go through when faced with smitten readers.

An Angel at The Table

The movie title gives great attention to human detail. Its confessing modest simplicity and transparency got a lot of its viewers absorbed.

Based on the true-life experience of New Zealand author Janet Frame, An Angel at My Table talks about the power of imagination, fantasy, creativity, and their ability to heal people. Janet was misdiagnosed as schizophrenic and was sent to a mental institution. To keep her spirit and mind, she opens the door to creativity and begins writing imaginative fiction to escape the hardships she experiences.

This movie shows the power of writing and the influence it has over healing.


An unloved screenwriter becomes miserable as he struggles and fails to adapt Susan Orlean’s The Orchid Thief book for the screen. Later on, he changes the centerpiece of the book from flowers to his struggles with life. An influential movie about emotions that energize our greatest achievements and also leave us deserted, this movie will make anyone realize that it is not possible to create something without putting a little bit of yourself into the process.

The Hours

The Hours uses Virginia Woolf’s novel Mrs. Dalloway this psychological movie focuses on the lives of three different women. Each search for something that will give their existence meaning. Nicole Kidman stars as Virginia Woolf. Through her, we see how Woolf, a lonely woman incapable of battling the monsters in her head, struggles with mental illness and depression while struggling to write. Her on-screen life is narrated sad.

Through the lives of these women, the Hours discuss life in a cage and what it means to not be able to escape it.


Reprise made it on our list because it talks about hope, friendship, jealousy, determination, and success. Two friends wish to become successful writers. Amid the complications they face, they individually set out to write books. This drama shows the agony, hopes, and dreams that accompany big success in the literary world.

Barton Fink

The script for his movie is what some might call an accident. The writers of Barton Fink were working on the script for a movie when they started experiencing writer’s block. To shake it off, they began to write another script. One where a writer was disturbed by the same writer’s block they were experiencing.


There are broad numbers of writer movies that are just not very good each movie has different insights to offer and will make one appreciate the writing process and a writer’s life.

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