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The Book Of Boba Fett Episode 3 Review – I Have Director Issues This Week

There are no signs of a Book of Boba Fett Season 2. However, the character may make his return in The Mandalorian Season 4.

Thanks for reading my The Book of Boba Fett Episode 3 review. This week, whilst I liked the story being told, I did have some issues, and it’s all pretty much directorial issues. Or rather, I should say I have many issues with some of the choices from director Robert Rodriguez. As always, with these Boba Fett reviews, I am trying to stay as spoiler free as possible. That means not always being able to speak completely freely, so forgive me if there’s any vagueness to the issues I am describing below.

The Good

Episode 3’s plot, acting, ideas are all solid and under a different eye this may have been another top episode like last week. The flashbacks are minimal this week. Therefore the focus is on the current timeline and who, or what is trying to take out Fett? There is a great fight scene I enjoyed between Fett, some new recruits of his, and a bad ass assassin trying to kill him. What I enjoyed most about this fight was how Fett is caught on the hop as it were and doesn’t have any armor, weapons’ or much of a chance against his aggressor.

This current timeline story moved on a few steps and yet it seems we still don’t fully know who is really behind those working against Fett. As said, the story was fine.

The Bad

The problem I had this week was the way this is all put together by director Robert Rodriguez. It actually looks cheap to me. This is a style Rodriguez uses at times and whilst it may work for other movies, it does not work for Star Wars. There is a car chase in this episode, and the mechanics of that chase as a storyboard work out fine. The problem is, it’s all moving so slowly that it looks like crap. Honestly, it felt like someone just needed to turn the FPS up a little for that section. The whole scene felt like it was kids playing to me because the pace of everything is just too slow. I know it would be shot at that pace. However that does not mean it has to be streamed at that pace in the edit.

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Equally there’s a dramatic scene, which I won’t describe, and after it’s over, one character is told to go away. Instead of walking away like a bad ass Bounty Hunter, this character does a little jog/run type deal which looks way off. Compared to Episode 2, where everything looked epic, I felt like I was watching a budget version at times and that’s simply not due to budget. It’s instead down to the stylistic choices made by Rodriguez and I’m saying I was not a fan.

The Ugly

Those Vesper speeder bikes…. I didn’t like them. Fett’s new recruits, I don’t mind at all. However I do think their rides could do with being toughened and weathered up a bit. I was wondering whether this was some tribute to George Lucas’ American Graffiti at first. The slow chase scene with them didn’t help.

Overall Episode 3 was just ok for me. Engaged with the plot fine, but felt it all looked a little cheap and slow for a Star Wars show.


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