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Welcome to Breaking Geek, a column that just won’t go away, where uber-geek Nick Doll offers commentary, reactions, and theories regarding the most interesting news of the week (or whatever he feels like), using his expansive knowledge of all things geek! Today, I prove that the Breaking Bad film is a brilliant idea!

Yay! The day has finally come when I can talk about Breaking Bad, the obvious namesake of Breaking Geek! Which is why this is “A Very Special Issue” of your favorite column.

The rumor broke earlier this week that a Breaking Bad movie was going into production this month(!) under the title Greenbier, though it is unknown if this is a production place-holder title or the intended final title.

The film will shoot in New Mexico, as is tradition for Breaking Bad (my aunt’s daily walk takes her past Hank’s house), even though the movie is said to be set in Mexico (not an uncommon thing). The supposed plot involves an escaped kidnapped man and his quest for freedom. So… Jesse Pinkman post Breaking Bad finale? Likely, bitch.

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Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul creator Vince Gilligan is said to be involved as well. Meanwhile, Bryan Cranston hasn’t seen a script, and if the movie is indeed about Jesse following Breaking Bad, Walter White would only make sense in flashbacks. Or as a ghost, but that would be jumping the shark.

… Though I kind of love the idea of a Walter White Force Ghost… hmmm…

I know the Breaking Bad die-hards are split on the Breaking Bad film, and I assume most are against it.

So, let me explain why you’re wrong to be fearful, as a Breaking Bad movie sounds like a great idea to this Breaking Bad fan, who loved it so much he called this column Breaking Geek.

S’all Good, Man

If Better Call Saul was a bad show, I would be very worried about a Breaking Bad movie. But, though the plot is not nearly as dangerous and action-packed, and doesn’t feature Walter White, Better Call Saul is just as good, if not better, than Breaking Bad at its best. Watching Breaking Bad, you could see the growth in writing, cinematography, and overall style. Better Call Saul seems to continue the trend, learning from even the final season of Breaking Bad.

Though I have yet to watch the most recent season of Better Call Saul (I don’t have cable), I’ve heard it is the best of the series thus far, and I’ve loved the seasons I’ve seen, as I mentioned already.

This Breaking Bad film could continue the trend of Better Call Saul, improving even over that, with the new format, a larger budget per hour of footage, and a longer shooting schedule than two episodes of Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul, allowing them to go all-in on their creative vision without having to rush things as much.

It could be the best Breaking Bad we’ve seen, even without Mr. White. We’ll just have to wait and see, but don’t stress over it. Better Call Saul has no right to be as good as it is. And yet… more bottles of lightning.

Vince Gilligan = Kevin Feige?

Not quite yet, but the reason both current shows in the ever-expanding Breaking Bad universe are fantastic is Vince Gilligan. Yes, there are many people involved with making a great show, but like Feige has guided the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Gilligan has kept the quality of even a spin-off show high, and has a very specific vision. Vince Gilligan hopefully co-writing and possibly directing a Breaking Bad would go a long way.

It’s been his vision from the start. A vision that so far seems completely consistent compared to a lot of other TV or film universes. Hell, consistent when not compare to them, even.

Jesse Pinkman, Bitch!

If the Breaking Bad movie is indeed about Pinkman’s escapades after being freed from neo-Nazis, that’s a fantastic direction to go. Again, this film would have to exclude Walter White as a main character, though both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul love their flashbacks — but again, Better Call Saul proved a series can work without “the one who knocks.”

In fact, I would hate to see the Breaking Bad movie Gilligan suggested the same year Breaking Bad aired its final episode. That, he proposed, could be an alternate ending for Walter White or him not actually dying in his last scene. I don’t know about that idea, but it doesn’t sound like that is what we may be getting.

Though the series had a rewarding ending for most character including Walt, I always felt Jesse Pinkman’s story hadn’t ended. His relationship with Mr. White had concluded, the heart of the show, but like with Saul, there is more Pinkman story to tell.

What happens after he drives away in that car, literally scarred from his captivity, obviously still in great distress after being freed? Though he gets out alive, unlike Walter, it is not a happy or satisfying conclusion to his story. Which is why I love the idea of doing a Breaking Bad movie about Jesse.

What happens to him next? If he’s headed to Mexico, is he still on the run from the law, perhaps even being held responsible for not only for his business with Walt, including murder, but the death of Hank and his Partner in the desert? Likely, he’ll also need to evade Mexican cartels that he’s wronged or need his recipe.

Could be a very exciting and rewarding film, though I still don’t see Jesse Pinkman getting a happy ending. Nobody in this universe does.

“I’m The One Who Knocks!” – My Demands

Okay, as comfortable and not worried I am about the Breaking Bad movie, there are a few things I want to see or not see.

Give it a theatrical release. I would hope this is the plan, but with AMC making three Walking Dead made-for-TV movies, I am now not so sure. But I would love to see the beautiful cinematography on the big screen.

Don’t use too many flashbacks. I would like to see a scene or two we never saw in the series, between Walt and Jesse. Something that informs his current situation in a post-Heisenberg world. But, while you can use flashbacks aplenty on a long-form TV show, they do halt the progression of a film when not used properly or used too often.

Don’t try to work in characters that we know that don’t fit the narrative, just so we can see them again. Better Call Saul often walks a fine line, successfully, there.

Keep that quality! Don’t get too cocky after the success of both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. Everyone makes a stinker eventually, especially the longer you continue a franchise. Keep as much as the same team as possible, and use them, Mr. Gilligan.


Just like Better Call Saul, this Breaking Bad movie, as we currently understand it, sounds like the ultimate fix for my Breaking Bad addiction.

Not only do I say bring on the movie because like any sequel or reboot, the original series still exists, but also because I have confidence it will be a great film!


Science, Bitch!

Are you less optimistic about a Breaking Bad film? Is there a Breaking Bad story you’d rather see? Let’s discuss!