The Comic Stash: February Must Haves For Your Collection

Welcome back! For new readers welcome to my column, The Comic Stash: February Edition. Here I go over titles that are worth your time. Do not forget that this month is also Valentine’s Day, so if you have a special someone that collects comics grab them some of the following titles as a gift. But no matter what do, do not forget the flowers and candy this February 14! I do enjoy going over the catalog each month and reading what will be coming out by certain artist, writers, and subject. I never try to take away anything from all the other great titles out there, these are just ones that stand out.

Week One: February 2, 2022

Let’s get The Comic Stash: February Edition started! From Image Comics comes one of my favorite titles, Nocterra #7 by Scott Snyder with art by Tony S. Daniel. The future is dark and the main characters Val, Bailey, and the Ferrymen are now trying to bring back the light to the world. But they have a ton of obstacles in the way one of them is called Blacktop Bill. This story is great along with amazing art to bring it all together.

Image also has a one-shot called 80-page Giant Geiger, featuring more stories of fan favorite story Geiger. This issue has a talented team of writers, and artist to give us more stories of characters from this series.

A new series from Image is New Masters #1 by Shobo Coker with art by Shof Coker. This story focuses on West Africa as the people there are under controlled by aliens and have to find a way to free themselves.

Dynamite has a treat for Red Sonja fans in the form of, Red Sonja Valentine’s Day Special 2022, by Chuck Brown with art by Lee Ferguson.

Marvel Comics has a new title coming out this week, Sabertooth #1 by Victor LaValle with art by Leonard Kirk. If you do not know who this villain is then you do not read Marvel Comics, because he is just a monster of a character.

Marvel also have another new title, Savage Spider-Man #1 by Joe Kelly with art by Gerardo Sandoval. This series is promising to have a new outlook and strange adventure for Peter Parker, hopefully not like the Nonstop Spider-Man series that is not put together very well.

DC Comics has a new series with the title Monkey Prince #1 by Gene Luen Yank with art by Bernard Chang. This new character in the DCU should be interesting and we get more of this character’s backstory.

The last book to check out is from Behemoth Comics, Until My Knuckles Bleed #1 with story and art by Victor Santos. The last series Victor Santos did was Polar that was also a movie on Netflix with the same name for the title. This story focus on a jobless hero doing what he must do to make it in this world.

Week Two: February 9, 2022

Moving into week two of The Comic Stash: February Edition, Ablaze Comics has a new series coming out this week with the title Life Zero #1 by Stefano Vietii with art by Marco Checchetto. This should be a fun story as a mystery cloud appears and changes the world for the living.

DC Comics has Justice League 2022 Annual #1 by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Sanford Greene.

DC Comics also has a Valentine issue called, Strange Love Adventures #1 that is by a ton of writers and artist. There are love stories that focus on characters form the DCU.

Marvel Comics has Secret X-Men #1 by Tini Howard with art by Francesco Mobili, coming out this week. The Shi’ar Empire needs help from the X-Men, but the ones they get are not the X-Men but the ones who lost the election in X-Men series.

Marvel has a five-issue mini-series, Maestro: World War M #1 by Peter David with art by Pasqual Ferry. This should be the last chapter of how Hulk become Maestro and took over his lands.

Dynamite Comics has a new series with the title Draculina #1 by Christopher Priest with art by Michael Sta. Maria. Life gets more complicated for Vampirella in this new series.

Image Comics has one of my favorites coming out this week, Radiant Black #12 by Kyle Higgins and Meghan Camarena with art by Goni Montes. This issue will focus on the other Radiant team member, Radiant Pink.

The last book to check out this week is, Bylines in Blood #2 Van Jensen and Erica Schultz with art by Aneke Murillenem. Satya is a newspaper writer turned private detective who takes up the case of solving the murder of her mentor from the newspaper. But this is the future, and she is being hunted by an assassin using high tech.

Week Three: February 16, 2022

Moving forward with The Comic Stash: February Edition we have DC Comics. They always do remarkable stories for Detective Comics, but the new story line is great! Make sure to check it out. If you are a Batman fan you should not be missing this storyline. Detective Comics #1053 is by Matthew Rosenberg and Mariko Tamaki with art by Fernando Banco and Max Raynor.

Image Comics has a delightful story coming to end this week, Primordial #6  by Jeff Lemire with art by Andrea Sorrentino. The story ends as we find out if the animals make it back to Earth and if the anyone on Earth will try going back to space.

Image Comics‘ other book coming out this week is a horror title, The Silver Coin #9 by Vita Ayala with art by Michael Walsh. The series focuses on a silver coin that makes people do evil things to keep it.

Image’s other fun title coming out this week, A Righteous Thirst for Vengeance #5 by Rick Remender with art by Andre Lima Araujo.

The big event for Image Comics is a cross over from Radiant Black and Rogue Sun into a new series known as Supermassive #1  by Kyle Higgins, Ryan Parrott, and Mat Groom with art by Francesco Manna.

Marvel Comics has a new series coming out, Iron Fist #1 by Alyssa Wong with art by Michael YG. There is a new Iron Fist, and this is their story along with Danny Rand.

From Ablaze Comics comes Animal Castle #3 by Xavier Dorison with art by Felix Delep. This story is about animals that are not receiving equal treatment and a revolt happens. If you are a fan of Animal Farm this book is for you. It has amazing artwork, and the story is fun to read!

Week Four: February 23, 2022

Finishing The Comic Stash: February Edition is from Marvel Comics. They have a new series coming out this week, Ghost Rider #1 by Benjamin Percy with art by Cory Smith. Fans wanted one person to be Ghost Rider, so we get Johnny Blaze back in this series.

Behemoth Comics releases issue two of Until my Knuckles Bleed with story and drawn by Victor Santos.

Image Comics has a new series, Rogue Sun #1 by Ryan Parrott with art by Abel.

IDW Publishing is releasing the last issue of an amazing story of the last Ninja Turtle. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin #5 is by Tom Waltz and Kevin Eastman with art by Ben Bishop.

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The last week is not heavy which is great on the wallet! Thanks for taking the time to check The Comic Stash: February Edition out. I hope you have time to check out our other columns, stories, and videos on the site. Stay safe and keep that collection growing.

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