The Comic Stash: January Comics To Ring In The New Year!

Welcome to The Comic Stash: January edition! Well, it has been a few months since I have done picks. I am sorry I had to take a break from doing something I enjoy so much! But when November arrives, I have extra-long days until the end of the year.

Not only does the post office have to deliver letters and our packages, but also Amazon items.
So many people rely on Amazon for their shopping daily and the packages triple during the holiday
season. But enough of my complaining because I get to work and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

The news of James Gunn changing everything and getting rid of everyone for his ten-year plan has a lot of mixed emotion for DC fans. We will just have to see what he does and if it awesome, great! If it stinks, that’s on him for changing so much.

I just hope he leaves Wonder Woman alone and does not try to change that character so much! Let me know what you think. Let’s get The Comic Stash: January edition rolling! I will start my picks with the last week of December and the whole month of January 2023.

December 28,2022

DC Comics has a milestone to celebrate as Action Comics #1050 hits this week with writers Tom
Taylor, Phillip Johnson, and Joshua Williamson. There will be a ton of variant covers to check out for this
issue as well, the interior art is done by Clayton Henry, Nick Dragotta, and Mike Perkins. This issue will
try to tie all lose ends over the Superman storyline and make way for a new story arc in issue #1051.

DC vs Vampires #12 comes out this week which ends this mini-series by James Tynion and
Matthew Rosenberg with art by Otto Schmidt. This is a fun story, and I am looking forward to how
they end this.

For fans of both Harley Quinn and artist Jenny Frison, she will be doing the variant covers
for this series starting with issue #25 out this week.

Marvel Comics this week has a one-shot with the name Timeless. It is by Jed Mackay with art by Greg
Land, Patrick Zircher, and Salvador Larroca. This will issue will focus on Kang as he travels across the
Marvel Universe.

From Boom! Studios comes a one-shot that fans of the series may be looking forward
to. It is Book of Slaughter #1, by James Tynion with art by Werther Dell’Edera. This of course will
have some great variant covers to chase after.

From the twisted mind of writer Doug Wagner, with art by Daniel Hillyard comes the second issue of Plush. If you’re familiar with Wagner’s work you know he creates unique characters. In the first issue we meet Devin who goes to a furry party and witnesses a group eating a human. Now in jail he must wait as everyone fights to get him.

Stabbity Bunny #12 from Scout Comics is finally out this week. It has been on hold since the
last issue #11 came out back in July 2018. Writer Richard Rivera and artist Dwayne Biddix end this story
arc with this issue. There are other titles out this week and not a heavy week to finish out the year,
these are just some titles that stood out to me this week.

January 4, 2023

The Comic Stash: January begins the new year with Marvel Comics. They have a new series, and this character is not like the one from movies, which is great! Scarlet Witch #1 by Steve Orlando with art by Sara Pichelli, will be out this week. This of course being number one will have a ton of variants to decide on and I like that she had found a new purpose in this story as she helps those that need her the most.

Marvel did a mini-series covering Wolverine as Patch and it was not bad. So now they are trying the same with Hulk when he was Joe Fixit. Joe Fixit #1 is by Peter David with art by Yildiray Cinar, and a throwback to when Hulk was gray and smart.

A fun series from Abstract Studio is Parker Girls #4 with the story and art by Terry Moore.
This story is about a group of women contractors who set out to find who killed one of their own.

Black Mask Studios has a fun series coming out: Gangster Ass Barista #1 by Pat Shand with art
by Renzo Rodriguez. We follow Trinity who wants a new life from crime by working at a coffee shop, but
slowly that old life starts to come back to visit her, again should be a fun story.

Ablaze Comics has a new series as well-known as: Children of the Black Sun #1 by Dario
Sicchio and art by Letiza Cadonici. The world had a black sun rise that changed every woman who got
pregnant that day by them having children born with white hair, ashy skin, and red eyes. The question is,
how different they are and will the black sun come again?

Artist Writers and Artisans Inc has a new series: Trojan #1 by Daniel Kraus with art by Marco Lesko and Laci Lesko. This story is about humans living with mythical creatures like gnomes and fauns.

Dynamite Comics has a new Purgatori title out this week: Purgatori Must Die! #1 by Ray Fawkes with art by Alvaro Sarraseca.

Aftershock Comics has The 06 Protocol #3 and #4 coming out that is by Lee Turner with art by
Cliff Richards. A sidenote is that Aftershock Comics filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy but made a
statement that they did so to keep things going. We will see if that is true and that the writers and
artists are paid because of this. I enjoy what they produce and wish them the best of luck to keep going.

January 11, 2023

The Comic Stash: January moves into week two with Boom! Studios has its biggest hit coming out this week: Something is Killing the Children #28 by James Tynion with art by Werther Dell’Edera.

Another great title from Boom! Studios is Grim #7 by Stephanie Phillips with art by Flaviano Armentaro.

DC Comics continues its series run of One Bad Day with Batman: One Bad Day Catwoman #1 by G. Willow Wilson with art by Jamie McKelvie.

Skybound Comics has Dark Ride #4 by Joshua Williamson with art by Andrei Bressan and Adriano Lucas. This story has been fun and dark as we see how the deal between the devil and Arthur was made and what it means for his kids.

Image Comics has a new series: Black Cloak #1 by Eisner Award winner and one of my favorite writers and first with Image, Kelly Thompson along with art by Meredith McClaren. The story is about the murder of a prince that may cause the city to go to war.

Millarworld Comics has an older title coming out that I enjoy because it was so dark and bloody. The title is Nemesis Reloaded #1 by Mark Miller with art by Jorge Jimenez.

Black Mask Studios has the second issue of Gangster Ass Barista by Pat Shand with art by Renzo Rodriguez out this week. There are other great titles out this week like the normal runs from DC and Marvel these just stand out to me this week

January 18, 2023

DC Comics has the title Nightwing hitting issue #100 out this week. It is by Tom Taylor with art by Scott McDaniel, Mikel Janfn, and Rick Leonardi. There are some great variant covers to pick up as well for this issue.

Boom! Studios will have House of Slaughter #11 by James Tynion and art by Tate Brombal, and Antonio Fuso out this week.

Marvel Comics will have its final issue of Strange #10 by Jed MacKay with art by Marcelo Ferreira. I enjoy this series as we see how Clea lived up to being Sorcerer Supreme. Now Strange is back and his #1 will be starting soon.

Marvel will also have a new mini-series out: Wasp #1 by Al Ewing with art by Kasia Nie.

DC Comics has the next chapter coming out this week with Batman: One Bad Day Bane #1 by Joshua Williamson with art by Howard Porter.

Aftershock Comics has a fan favorite title back in a new mini-series Maniac of New York: Don’t call it a Comeback #1 by Elliott Kalan with art by Andrea Mutti. Now that the original Maniac is dead, who is taking up his mantel? The reason why should be a fun story.

Speaking of bloody comics, Vault Comics has a new Barbaric series out this week as well. Barbaric: Hell to Pay #1 by Michael Moreci with art by Nathan Gooden.

Keenspot Comics has Tim Seeley’s Lucky #1 out this week as well and it is by Troy Dongarra along with writer Tim Seeley and he also does the art.

Black Mask Studios has issue #3 of Gangster Ass Barista by Pat Shand with art by Renzo Rodriguez out this week.

Scout Comics has a new mini-series out: Kitsune #1 by Luca Frigerio and art by Emmanuele Ercolani. The story follows a ronin who returns home and must help his home become safe again.

Action Lab Comics has Hamelin #1 by Cristiano Delmonte and Francesco Zappardino with art by Riccardo Farina. This will be a dark story as we see adult killing all the children under the age of 18 in the US for some reason. We also see how a few will make it out alive.

January 25, 2023

The Comic Stash: January rounds out the month with Marvel. They have The Amazing Spider-Man #18 out this week that is by Zeb Wells with a rt by Ed McGuinness. The Dark Web story line had been brutal on Peter as we see him staying alive after the first round.

Next, Dynamite Comics has an old fan favorite back: Darkwing Duck #1 by Armanda Deibert with art by Carlo Lauro. There will be so many variant covers for this issue so check them out at your shop.

Oni Press Comics is relaunching one of their titles this week, so you can now get that number one again. Rick and Morty #1 is by Alex Firer with art by Andrew Dalhouse and Fred Stressing.

New to the comic game is Whatnot Publishing with a new title: The Exiled #1 by the awesome actor Wesley Snipes, Keith Arem, and Adam Lawson with art by Eskivo. Should be a fun crime story with some Blade Runner feel to it. I look forward to reading this issue.

Of course, you have a ton of other tiles out this week of January. Make sure to check out your local shops weekly for titles and variant covers.

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Thanks as always for taking the time to look over The Comic Stash: January edition for my picks for this month. Please check out our other columns, stories, and videos on our site. Have a great New Year and keep those collections!

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