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In an interesting bit of casting news, Oblivion‘s Andrea Riseborough is apparently in talks to play Top Dollar in Corin Hardy’s reboot of The Crow. Top Dollar was the main villain in the 1994 film adaptation that starred Brandon Lee, as well as in the original Crow books. Traditionally, the character has been depicted as a male- a Detroit crime boss who ordered the killing of Eric Draven and his fiancé Shelly. 

For Hardy’s remake, it looks like Top Dollar has been gender-swapped. It should be noted that The Crow‘s creator James O’Barr is involved in this project, and has given it his full support since it won’t be a remake of the 1994 film but rather a more direct adaptation of his original book. With that in mind, this idea was probably presented to O’Barr, and he must’ve given it a thumbs up. 

Riseborough also appeared in last year’s critically-acclaimed winner of the Best Picture Oscar Birdman.

Jack Huston is set to play Draven, aka The Crow, in the film. The project has seen its share of ups and downs, but it seems to be gathering up enough steam to finally enter production soon. 

What do you think of this switch for Top Dollar?