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For four seasons now FOX’s Gotham has been giving us so many of Batman’s rouges gallery which have included some variation of their origin. All the well known names like the Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman and Jerome who we know is their version of the Joker. Next year will be the fifth and final season for Gotham which will only run for ten episodes.

Currently they are adding new characters to the show and thanks to That Hashtag Show we have learned that a relative of a key Batman villain will be possibly making his presence known. Here is the description of that character:
Eduardo Dorrance who is male of any ethnicity in his mid-30s-early 40s who will be a recurring guest star. Described as being really well fit, Eduardo has been a warrior for quite some time now, as he has the commitment of a tireless soldier to follow every kind of order he is given. He is intolerant to betrayal, hence his full loyalty to his fellow soldiers. Whoever plays Eduardo would appear in episode 5 (filming 9/7 -9/19), episode 6 (filming 9/19 – 10-1), episode 8 (filming 10/12 – 10/24), and episode 9 (filming 10/20 – 11/5).

Do you recognize the name? Eduardo Dorrance aka King Snake is father to none other than the Batman villain who broke his back, Bane. He first appeared in comics in DC Comics’ Robin #2 in February, 1991 and was created by Chuck Dixon and Tom Lyle. He was first part of the British Army before turning into a mercenary and then later joining an Asian street gang called the Ghost Dragons. During his time in Santa Prisca, he slept with a female rebel who would become Bane’s mother. When Dorrance escaped the prison, the pregnant woman was forced to live in the prison due to Dorrance’s crimes against the Santa Prisca government. This is how Bane ended up growing up in the prison.

With so little time left for the television series, it would be interesting to see if they are just going to show us the Dorrance, or if we are going to get any kind of sighting of Bane himself. It seems like it would be tough to do with only ten episodes in the final season, but we’ll see when the show’s fifth season debuts sometime in 2019.

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Source: That Hashtag Show

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