– by Anthony Esteves


The Halloween franchise, since its beginning in 1978, has produced ten horror-filled chapters, including two different timelines, a reboot with its own sequel and even a sequel that had absolutely nothing to do with the legendary slasher, Michael Myers. While it’s safe to say that the sequels did not reach the iconic status of John Carpenter’s original film, fans and audiences alike have found elements from certain sequels that are worthy of remembrance.

Some fans prefer the installments featuring Danielle Harris as little Jamie, Michael’s niece who becomes the target of his unstoppable rage, while many remain staunch defenders of the Laurie Strode-focused films starring Jamie Lee Curtis. There’s a number of thoroughly enjoyed Rob Zombie’s reimagining and it’s follow up. There may even be a few out there who actually enjoy Halloween III: The Season Of The Witch, a completely original Halloween chapter with no reference to Myers… This writer is not one of those few.

Now, the franchise will undergo another alteration in its growing history. With a script written by Danny McBride (yes, THAT Danny McBride. The Eastbound & Down star and member of the Seth Rogen/James Franco/Jonah Hill crew) and David Gordon Green, this latest installment will be a direct sequel to the Carpenter classic, disavowing all other films in its legacy. However, according to Green, who will also be helming the Director’s Chair for the film, that does not mean there won’t be Easter eggs and shout-outs to the other chapters in the franchise. Green explained at a press conference at San Diego Comic-Con:

“A little shout out to honor the entire franchise, which is something that was important to me that we’re not diminishing every movie, every story that’s been told on their own, had their own imagination, their own … people that love this franchise have gone in with their visions and made movies and that’s a dream come true for every director, I imagine. From my perspective it is. I think it’s important to say, ‘You guys, great job, guys. Here. Now I’m going to run in a little different direction, but I’ll give you a shout out.'”

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So, come October 19th when the film opens nationwide, it seems we may have some Easter Eggs to look out for on screen. Die hard Halloween fans will probably have no problem catching them. As for those not too familiar with the franchise who are intrigued by the upcoming film, you have about two months to marathon through the past installments of the frightening existence of one Michael Myers.

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Source: Halloween press conference.