– by Joseph Jammer Medina

A few months back, I reported on the interesting little fact that THE FLASH director Rick Famuyiwa was in London, and that he’d posted on social media- for the world to see- that he was hanging out with both the star of his DC film, Ezra Miller, and the fella playing Cyborg, Ray Fisher. In that report, I mentioned that I was hearing chatter about Cyborg popping up in THE FLASH, which was why he was part of the little hangout session with Famuyiwa and Miller.

Now Variety is claiming to have sources on the inside who are confirming that yes, Cyborg will be in THE FLASH

The prevailing thought is that Fisher’s Victor Stone and Miller’s Barry Allen will hit it off in JUSTICE LEAGUE since they’re both kind of outsiders. With Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman being superhuman, and Batman being- shall we say- less than warm and fuzzy, these two humans-turned-heroes will find common ground and forge a common bond as they join the team and take on Steppenwolf. 

As of this writing, Variety has no sense for how big or how small Fisher’s role in THE FLASH will be, just that he’s definitely going to appear in the film.

I’m happy to hear this since, as anyone who listens to the LOS FANBOYS Podcast can tell you, I’m less than confident that the proposed standalone CYBORG movie will ever see the light of day. At least Fisher will get another chance to shine in THE FLASH before his solo flick is scrapped, I say.

SOURCE: Variety

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