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The Flash “Attack On Central City” Review

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“You know what I like?…Your Vibe.”

Last week’s episode of The Flash reintroduced us to a great enemy of Barry Allen, Gorilla Grodd.  Back in Season 2 Grodd was sent to Earth-2 living among other super gorillas and now Grodd tricked Barry into helping him become leader of Gorilla City.  When Barry fails to follow through on his deal Grodd to alter the timeline it ends up backfiring and now Grodd will send his soldiers to destroy Central City.  We also get the return of Gypsy who is being controlled by Grodd to open the portal to Earth-1 to allow the Gorilla Army.

This episode was broken into two story lines.  The main story of this episode saw Barry become more conflicted about the events in the future he witnessed.  Barry has become so obsessed with changing the timeline to save Iris he starts to waver on his morals and values.  This episode saw Barry get to a point where he considered killing Grodd in order to save the love of his life.  When he confronts the ones he loves it is almost unanimous that the team refuses to accept Barry’s idea of killing Savitar.  It gets to the point where Earth-2 Wells has to be the voice of reason for Barry.  Wells wouldn’t let Barry take the easy route and challenges him to find another way to defeat Grodd.

The second story line of focused on the relationships that have developed in this season.  Wally and Jessie continue to progress their relationship by telling Harrison Wells that she is moving to Earth-1.  Although Earth-2 Wells tried a little trick on Wally to stop Jessie from moving to Earth-1  it didn’t work.  Barry showed that he wants to enjoy his time with Iris and is confident that he will save her in the future.  Then Cisco was reunited with his equal Gypsy after being possessed by Grodd.  Out of all the characters on the show Cisco was the only one how hasn’t a true love interest on the show.  While the relationship didn’t progress to far the seeds are in place for something special.   

Tom Cavanagh’s portrayals of both Harrison Wells continues to amaze me.  The return of Earth-2 Wells brought back some great memories from Season 1 and 2 that showed how much of impact he has on Barry.  Out of all the characters Earth-2 Wells is the one who understands Barry and guide’s him not to make the same mistakes that he himself has made.  I am almost convinced that this show should be called Wells instead of The Flash.

After last weeks episode I didn’t think it would get any better and I was wrong.  While Grodd’s total television time was very limited the way the writers were able to balance the use of Grodd and the dilemma to change the future was perfect.  This two part story is what this show needed to get back to what made The Flash great.  With Grodd now back on Earth-1 for good lets hope that we see Grodd on a regular basis.

Next weeks episode sees the story line of Savitar come back to the main focus. 

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