– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Over the past few seasons, The Flash has had the ability to constantly swap out different version of one of their core cast thanks to the existence of the multiverse. That’s right. I’m talking about Good ol’ Harrison Wells. Audiences were first introduced to a shady, wheel chair-bound version of the character (one who ended up being Eobard Thawne in disguise).

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Another version of the character returned in the form of the grumpier Harry Wells in Season 2, and in Season 3, we got several other versions before settling on HR — the cheerleader of the group. Season 4 is set to replace the character — at least in part — yet again. In addition to the return of Harry Wells, we’ll be getting another version. But before we get that new version, Harry will be dealing some stuff of his own, says executive producer Andrew Kreisberg (via EW).

“He’s a genius, and his daughter is safe, and she’s The Flash on Earth-3, and he’s one of those people who’s realizing that he doesn’t have a life. So season 4 for Harry is really realizing what he’s missing in his life and what it is he needs to become a better, more complete person, and so he’s going to be going on a fairly epic emotional journey this season that is tied to The Thinker’s plan.”

I personally look forward to seeing what Earth-2 Wells will bring to the table this season. He’s always been one of the more interesting aspects of the last couple seasons, and it was a bit disappointing that they couldn’t keep him around for the majority of the episodes in Season 3. As such, it’s nice to hear he’ll be playing something of a pivotal role.

However, we’re also excited to see which version of the character we’ll be getting in addition to him. Sadly, there’s no telling what’s in store for us on that front, but here’s hoping it’ll be a more engaging Wells this time around.

The Flash returns to The CW on October 10, 2017.

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