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Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for Season 2 of The Flash

Going into Season 2 of The Flash last year, I have to say, there were some concerns. It seemed like the TV showrunners were throwing in everything and the kitchen sink into the story. From Zoom to the multi-verse, multiple Flashes, and everything in between, it felt like it would be easy for things to get out of hand. Would they actually be able to tell the story they want without confusing the heck out of their audience?

Surprisingly, while the series had its trademark problems — dumb pseudoscience, along with plotlines that fall over if you press on them too hard — it still managed to be an emotionally fulfilling season.

One of the coolest callbacks it had came in the form of Jay Garrick — no, not the Jay Garrick they introduced at the beginning of the season, but the actual Jay Garrick from another Earth who looked an awful lot like Barry’s dad, Henry Allen.

Well, lucky us. It looks like Jay Garrick will be making his return to the series in Season 3 and, speaking with Comicbook.com, actor John Wesley Shipp, who plays Jay, he delved into his approach to the character. It’s also worth pointing out beforehand that Shipp played Barry Allen in the 1990s series The Flash, so in true CW fashion, they’ve paid serious homage to old-school interpretations of their superheroes.

“I figured Jay is my version of Barry, 25 years later, essentially. So I went back and I watched a couple of episodes of the 1990/91 version to kind of remind myself what I did. Jay is much more reminiscent of my Barry Allen from 25 years ago than my Henry Allen. I went back and I was amazed how much attitude my Barry Allen had in some situations. I went back and I picked up that thread and I brought it forward 25 years, and tried to weave it in. I think that’s fun for the audience, too — that they will see elements of my Barry Allen in my Jay Garrick.”

I mentioned above one of the show’s biggest weaknesses: its logic. While it’s a pretty cool idea that the Flash in another Earth looks like Barry’s dad, it makes no sense. It would make more sense if Barry’s dad wasn’t already played by Wesley Shipp, but then again, that would really lack a real emotional punch. Shipp pretty much addresses that question with the same logic.

“Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen is the speedster of the show, so everything is discussed in terms of how it affects Grant’s Barry. When the iron mask comes off, and he sees essentially his dad, that’s kind of like a one-two punch because it’s his dad but it’s not. If the iron mask comes off and it was Henry by another name, what would be the interest in that? In conjunction with Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti, we wanted to make Jay very different from Henry.”

Is it a bit lazy? Sure, I’ll agree it’s a bit lazy. But at the end of the day, the series has done such a good job with the characters that I can overlook little dumb details like this.

What do you think of Shipp’s comments? Are you excited to see The Flash retuirn to the CW this week? Let us know in the comments down below!

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SOURCE: Comicbook.com

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