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The DC Extended Universe hasn’t really had the strongest of starts. MAN OF STEEL was a divisive film, and to call the reception to BATMAN v SUPERMAN “mixed” would be an understatement. After all, it was a film that should’ve cracked $1 billion without breaking a sweat, but it ultimately settled short of $900 million — still profitable, but short of WB’s expectations, for sure. Following that, we learned that THE FLASH’s original director, Seth Grahame-Smith left the film, citing creative differences with the studio. This seemed to spell yet another speed-bump in the DCEU, but they were quick to replace Grahame-Smith with the decidedly more experienced director, Rick Famuyiwa. 

The DOPE director will be helming the film from a script written by Seth Grahame-Smith (the former director) based on a treatment from Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who can’t seem to do any wrong in Hollywood. Between their hilarious JUMP STREET films, THE LEGO MOVIE, and the upcoming Han Solo standalone film, they certainly seem to know what they’re doing. 

In an interview with IGN, Lord praised the choice from DC to hire Famuyiwa:

“We work with Rick and have been developing a pilot with him for a little while and are really big fans of his and DOPE. I think he’s a rad choice.”

Miller added, “He’s going to do a great job on it.”

The more we hear about the Flash and the JUSTICE LEAGUE film, the more it seems like Barry Allen is destined to bring some serious comedic relief to the project. If you’ve been keeping track of the recent set visits from various outlets, you’ve undoubtedly heard of how funny Ezra Miller’s Flash is, and how much more lighthearted JUSTICE LEAGUE seems to be from BATMAN v SUPERMAN.

IGN asked Lord and MIller if this was something the studio brought to the Flash’s character after reading their treatment, but according to the pair:

“The[ studio] had that planned for him in the first place,” Miller said. “That’s why they were talking to us in the first place because that’s how they wanted to go with that character, and I think that’s why they came to us.”

“That’s all Ezra,” Lord noted.

It is a bit comforting to hear that from the two writers. As of late, it’s seemed like WB has been incredibly reactionary when it comes to the DCEU, and while I respect the studio for course-correcting to meet fan expectations, a part of me likes to believe they had their head on straight regarding the film from the start, as it requires less rework, which then leaves less room for more error.

Either way, it sounds like the Flash was set to inject some heart into the Justice League group dynamic from the get-go, which is incredibly fitting, considering the character’s personality in the comics.

Miller said:

“He brings in new energy. Batman has to be kind of bummed out because his parents died and Superman is already established as a serious person and Wonder Woman’s angry about stuff. Stuff’s happening. But then you’ve got a guy who’s like, ‘Eh, whatever, I run fast!'”

Sounds great to us!

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