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Last week’s episode brought us the return of The Trickster, and while it was a nice change from the weekly meta, the episode still brought more to be desired.  What will this week bring viewers?  We know that members of the team will be shrinking, so who will save the day?  Read on to find out.

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Cecile’s Powers — Cecile now has powers brought on by…pregnancy.  The episode starts with Cecile being able to read everyone’s mind. It’s kind of like that hypothetical question, “If you had super powers, what would you choose?”, but in Central City you actually get them. I almost feel bad for Wells as he and Joe seem to be the only individuals without powers.  Apparently, she had some dark matter in her system which has now been brought on due to her pregnancy. Near the end, she can apparently control her powers fairly easily as she all of a sudden stops using them because she doesn’t want to hurt Joe.  Maybe she should train all of the other metas who seem to struggle with being able to contain their abilities. I can’t see what the point of her having powers could be.  To bring a new dimension to her relationship with Joe?  Really?

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Meta-Of-The-Week — As the new mayor has a long speech about how a new building is impossible to break into (cue the new meta) a new villain (Dwarfstar) shrinks the building in order to take it.  Not sure what anyone would want with a shrunken building.  Maybe he enjoys models/figurines?  Apparently yes.  As Joe, Dibny, and Cisco go to investigate the individual, he jumps out of his window and uses a…parachute? At this point, I actually stopped the episode to try and wrap my mind around what was happening.  The Flash almost feels like a 1966 Batman episode at times, but unintentionally. As he escapes, the meta shrinks Dibny and Cisco.

Dwarfstar is seemingly the individual who framed Big Sir, because Dwarfstar was a lot stronger, but apparently stopped going to the gym.  Dwarfstar is an enemy of The Atom in the comics (a really twisted bad guy at that), which was why there were the references to Ray Palmer.  Wells modifies one of Cisco’s inventions in order to bring Dibny and Cisco back to normal size (which looked almost exactly like a scene from Honey I Shrunk The Kids), which initially does not work.

Dwarfstar apparently got his powers from the bus.  It seems quite convenient that he got his powers from the bus, which ties him to DeVoe, and Barry so happens to befriend the person he framed.  How do they plan to take down Dwarfstar?  Have Caitlin create a cure, while Wells and Iris (yes…Iris with a gun…) go after him in an attempt to help Dibny and Cisco regain their size. Dwarfstar shoots a blast at Wells and ends up hitting Cisco and Dibny leading to them regaining their size. This was, unfortunately, the extent of the action, which was merely Dwarfstar throwing cars and a helicopter at the team, which was underwhelming to say the least. They demand he confess to framing Big Sir, but he clearly declines.

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Prison Barry — Barry and his card buddies seem to be hitting it off playing for pudding.  Meanwhile, Barry is using his super speed to cheat in cards…completely necessary…This leads to Big Sir getting into an altercation where he eventually confides in Barry he figures out that Big Sir was framed.  Two friends in prison, both framed for murder, just like Barry’s father. At least through all of this Wells expresses much of the same frustrations I actually have in the fact that no one is actively doing anything to remotely help Barry.  Iris responds that they must wait.

I’m definitely with Wells here. Instead of them working to help prove Barry’s innocence (with them claiming numerous times that they have hit a wall and must wait) Barry asks them to get Big Sir out instead because he is innocent.  This all seems odd to me.  I can’t figure out what the writers are trying to do aside from pass time before they bring DeVoe’s storyline back.  Regardless, the action is really lacking from the series.  Due to Dwarfstar declining to confess to framing Big Sir, Barry feels guilty and uses his speed to take Big Sir to JiaJu, China to start a new life.  I think Goldberg has had more screen time on the show than he did in his last stint with WWE.

The episode ends with yet another person finding out Barry’s identity.  The prison warden had a hidden camera set on Barry’s cell which caught him breaking out Big Sir.  Faster than the trained eye, but the camera caught him. The warden then drugs him in order to give him to Amunet?  Seriously, I can’t figure out where this show is going.  It is jumping all over the place with no real sense of direction.  I am sure there will be some type of connection at the end, but with the way the season has been so far, I personally don’t care how they fit together (mainly because I am currently lacking interest, which could just be me), nor do I think the connection will be hashed out well.

What did you think of this week’s episode?  Do you think it’s odd that the whole first half of the season dealt with DeVoe and now he has barely been mentioned?  What is your take on the season as a whole?  Leave your thoughts in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!

The Flash returns next Tuesday at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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