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The Forever War #4 & Freeway Fighter #1 Review


FINALY THE NEXT ISSUE!!! I have been looking forward to this book for some time, again a story based on the book by Joe Haldeman.  We find our two main characters Potter and William stuck on an Earth that they do not understand.  After being gone so long with the war with the Taurans, they do not have much of a choice to decide how to live their lives out.  They go back to the military life that they both hated so much, not knowing how to deal with changes on Earth and only understanding the military life.  In this chapter both get injured and later get promoted in the story. They only have each other in more or less, in world that has moved on without them.  If you have read the last few post about this story, time is a huge factor in this storyline.  They are both in the late 30’s but because of space travel they are over 200 years old.  The ending does make you a little upset but it still keep the story open for the next chapter.  You have to remember that the writer is using his knowledge from serving in the Vietnam War to tell this story.  In that war young men left for years coming back to a world that changed so much and had no respect for them for serving.  In that time a lot of service members could not integrate back to society, some lived in the streets, drugs or even reenlisted back into military service since that life of war made more sense.  There were no programs set up to help vets with jobs, schools, relocation, and PST programs to help them cope with what they saw and did.  Today it is very different, with new programs and old ones that are trying to keep current with the times to aid those that serve in our military.  I know this because I have about 18 years of active service and have been deployed five times, and still serving until they say I have to retire.  That is why I suppose I enjoyed this story so much.  Again things are better for vets today but improvements are still needed for our vets.  Looking forward to the next chapter in this story!!


This story is written by Ian Livingstone who has written fantasy adventures like Forest of Doom, Deathtrap Dungeon to name a few.  He based his story from the hit movie Mad Max and survival tips he collect over the years, and his love of American muscle cars.  The story itself was published back in 1985 as part of a Fighting Fantasy series. The main character is named De LA Rosa a professional race car driver who survives an unknown virus that take out most Earth’s population.  So at this point a lot like Mad Max but a female as the main character of the story.  Also the big difference here is that she likes to talk to her car as though it is the only friend she has or can count on. The art work here is very colorful and the story for the first chapter is short but it does have you wondering what took out the population of Earth and what will happen next, or will it follow the book written by Ian Livingstone. 

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