– by Nick Doll

Within the next couple of years, we will see the culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What Kevin Feige started roughly 10 years ago with Iron Man will be fully realized with the fourth, and still yet to be titled Avengers 4 movie. The film’s directors, brothers Joe and Anthony Russo shared a post on their official sibling Facebook page. The post consists of a photo of a gloved hand with a caption that reads, “Beginning the End.”


The majority of the content put out by Marvel Studios has been of very high quality, they had a plan from the beginning, that’s not to say there weren’t moments of spontaneity, but Feige had a vision for the universe, a vision that will soon come to fruition. Many consider what Feige and Marvel have accomplished as the gold standard for shared universes, and while DC has tried their best to imitate what Marvel has done, their universe doesn’t yet have the same cohesiveness as Marvel’s. All the Marvel films in one way or another have been building to this point, to get this film where it needs to be. Next year’s Avengers: Infinity War will be the last piece of this current puzzle for the studio, setting up a finale for the MCU as we fans know it.

It has been rumored around the interwebs, and all but confirmed that one of our beloved Avengers is going to die during the fourth Avengers film. The first thought by many is that it is going to be Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man that will be taken out, seeing as how there are no more solo Iron Man films in the works. I don’t believe that to be the case because it appears as if Downey Jr has found a new place within the MCU. He is now Spider-Man’s mentor for one thing, and another is that he can take on bit parts in other Marvel hero movies, similar to his role in Spider-Man: HomecomingCaptain America… now that is a different story. With the fourth Avengers film, Chris Evans will exceed his original contract of six movies, and seeing how the hand in the Russo brothers’ post resembles Captain America’s (If I am wrong, let me know in the comments), the directors may be trying to tell us something. If an Avenger does indeed go down, i think it will most likely be Evan’s Captain America.

Are you excited for the fourth Avengers film? Which hero do you think will be killed off? Let us know in the comments down below!

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SOURCE: Russo Brothers Facebook