Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Details On Benicio Del Toro’s Character Revealed

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, a good deal of Star Wars: The Last Jedi information has been making its way online, with the film still four months away from release. More specifically, we've been getting a

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Director Rian Johnson & Daisy Ridley discuss Rey’s Past

From the moment fans walked out of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and had the usual post movie discussion that most all of us partake in, the big question was, is Rey a Skywalker? If

Affleck Says DC Is “Hitting Their Stride,” Discusses Working With Both Whedon and Snyder

It hasn't even been a month since The Hollywood Reporter revealed they had a source that claimed Ben Affleck was considering leaving the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman following Justice League, before he even starts the

Bryan Fuller Gives An Update Concerning The Return Of TV’s Hannibal

The television series Hannibal was a unique breed of network show. Airing on NBC, the show featured thirteen episodes a season, more akin to the cable and streaming model than the typical 20 to 24 episodes

The Fourth Avengers Film Begins Shooting

Within the next couple of years, we will see the culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What Kevin Feige started roughly 10 years ago with Iron Man will be fully realized with the fourth, and

Ready Player One: First Art3mis Image Hints At More Differences From The Novel

At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, we had a chance to check out the first footage of Steven Spielberg’s upcoming film, Ready Player One. The movie is based on the Ernest Cline novel of the

Netflix In Talks With Disney To Keep Marvel & Star Wars Films For 2019 & Beyond

A few days ago, a bombshell was dropped — granted it was a bombshell we saw coming. Disney announced their plans to drop their Disney-branded properties from Netflix starting in 2019, and launch their own

The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment Signs Deal with Amazon Studios

With the success of AMC’s The Walking Dead, show creator Robert Kirkman will now develop content for Amazon’s streaming service with his production company, Skybound Entertainment. The deal was announced on Friday. The projects will

Terminator 6 Bringing Arnold ‘Bach’ Soon, Shooting Next Spring?

Besides the moderate but forgettable hits that were the Expendables films, Arnold's post-governing career has been anything but stellar. That hasn't kept movie producers from camping on his lawn with fresh scripts ready to go,

Justice League Reshoots Intended To Lighten Cyborg’s Tone

One of the biggest criticisms with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was that the film was simply too dark. The latest DC project, Justice League, recently headed into what fans hope are the last