– by David Kozlowski

What’s all this talk about a Justice League? Nonsense, what you really want for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s is more Star Wars! And since it’s not Black Friday yet, let’s just call this Gray Wednesday and spend  a few moments watching a new TV spot for The Last Jedi, which you’ll probably see a couple dozen times over the next few weeks — remember, you saw it first here!

Your good friends at Lucasfilm packed this promo — called “Darkness Rises” — full of cool stuff: ex-Imperial Walkers, chrome-y Stormtroopers, lightsabers of many colors, and whatever the hell those Porg creatures are. There have been so many The Last Jedi trailers, teasers, featurettes, and clips over the last several months that I can’t promise any of this is new, but it looks great and sets a fun atmosphere.

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The video contains a bunch of legit “WOW” moments, but it’s done in a fun, light way that (hopefully) reinforces how The Last Jedi is no Empire Strikes Back (a prevailing fear of many fans).

Overall, this movie puts the “E” back into Epic, and the “C” back into Corn — Poe: ‘Permission to jump into an X-Wing and blow something up’; Leia: ‘Permission granted!’ Oof. How many writers are credited in this movie? Look, it’s TV spot number five, if we’re not having some fun with all of this, something’s gone horribly wrong.

Are you avoiding The Last Jedi spoilers and other media? If yes, what the heck are you doing here? Let us know in the comments down below!

The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15, 2017.

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David Kozlowski is a writer, podcaster, and visual artist. A U.S. Army veteran, David worked 20 years in the videogame industry and is a graduate of Arizona State University's Film and Media Studies.